Analysis of employment of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan

On May 20-21, 2016 in Baku (Azerbaijan) held a seminar on “Structural and economic changes, labor market institutions and legal frameworks, as well as the creation of good jobs: in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.”

This seminar deepened the analysis of employment and structural reforms in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan with a focus on the structure of the economic diversification of the labor market, legal and regulatory framework, as well as the role played by small and medium-sized enterprises in the creation of “good jobs” (ie work places that are well paid, productive and safe) in order to facilitate structural change and inclusive development. It should be noted that Kazakhstani reports for all sessions of the seminar aroused great interest among the participants, among whom were representatives of Japan, Sweden, Georgia and ADB staff.

Chief Economist of Central and West Asia Department of Asian Development Bank Mr.Kapanelli summed up the seminar.