Trade-unions and youth

Trade unions Kazakhstan pay attention and make some contribution to the implementation of youth policy at all levels of the trade union movement. The main objectives of the youth policy Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan defined measures for the social protection of the rights and interests of working and students, as defined in the Strategy of the Federation of Trade Unions, in many sectoral and regional agreements and collective agreements. Legal rights and guarantees of young workers are also enshrined in the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Not enough young trade union leaders in the collective bodies – in the composition of the Central bodies of sectoral trade unions. Questions increase in the number of young trade unionists, training of personnel reserve of the young trade unionists repeatedly discussed at meetings of the collegial bodies of trade unions at all levels.

Given the current situation, in March last year, the Board considered the Federation of Trade Unions reserve training union staff, developed and approved the Regulation on the formation of personnel reserve in membership organizations. The main task and the main goal of the developed measures – renewal and rejuvenation of the staff of the leaders of trade union bodies in FPRK.