Gender policy

Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan pays special attention to the social and economic protection of women workers, legal and social support for mothers and children.

In November 2006, the first Congress of Working Women of Kazakhstan was held.

After the Congress, by the decision of the General Council on 25 December 2006,  was established Commission on Working Women, approved by the Regulations of the Commission, after which the Women’s Commission have appeared in many national, regional, district and local union organizations.

From 1 January 2008, employers are exempt from the obligation to pay benefits for pregnancy and childbirth. Now such payments are made by the State Social Insurance Fund, while pension savings of working women will continue during the period of maternity leave and leave to care for a child up to one year.

Commission on Working Women, is an active participant in the women’s network of the International Trade Union Confederation – Pan-European Regional Council (ITUC – PERC).

Since October 2009, the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan started the international project “Decisions for Life”. It aims to maintain a reasonable balance between family and work, family, raising awareness of today’s young women about their rights and opportunities for career growth in the service sector and trade.