As it was already reported earlier, Abelgazi Kussainov voluntarily left a post of the Chairman of FPRK in view of retirement.

– It was my conscious decision, it is caused by time. Time zips along, modernization is well under way. As an example the realization of Digital Kazakhstan program has to be enabled by young minds, with creative, new approach.

Last years we also paid special attention to modernization of trade union ranks, mainly to rejuvenation of human resources. The new institute of territorial trade union associations which proved its value for a short period is entered instead of “regional trade union councils”, resolving in territories of the country labor disputes and conflicts together with social partners. Territorial trade union associations today headed by young and middle age worthy personnel. Considering a moment that I have reached a retirement age three years ago, I consider necessary to give way to young people, – A. Kussainov has told.

At the post of the Chairman of FPRK within 5 years from 2013 to 2017 Abelgazi Kussainov has carried out large-scale work both in trade unions and in relationship with the international community.

So, as a result of his active work the Federation of Trade Unions became an ITUC member. Representatives of Kazakhstani trade unions became permanent participants of various seminars, conferences, meetings with colleagues from other countries.

The integration and consolidation of sectoral trade unions are also carried out: there were 26, and now there are 18.

In 2014-2015 the Federation of Trade Unions as a result of laborious work and active cooperation with social partners has made essential amendments to projects of new Labour code and Law on trade unions of RK.

These five years relationship with the Government of RK and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the population has been accurately adjusted in the system of a tripartism.

A number of reforms has also been carried out in structure of FPRK, including Training center, property management, created new Department on information work, reorganized an International department, in all regions of the country created “Keleshek” Youth councils, conducted training of young undergraduates at the expense of FPRK. Agreements with the St. Petersburg Humanities University of trade unions and the Omsk state university on training of the qualified undergraduates-conflictologists are signed.

The large volume of construction and repair work has been done and updating a base of FPRK property lined up. A number of hotels and sanatoria have undergone reconstruction and capital repairs, equipment is updated, additional services are entered.

Colleagues appreciate Abelgazi Kussainov’s action as wise and courageous decision of the person who has wholly carried out the tasks set for him, created high potential for further work of FPRK and give way to younger, perspective colleague for the benefit of development of the trade union movement.

A. Kussainov has thanked all colleagues for joint amicable work within these years. Wished new chairman, whom personally recommended to General council, successes in decent protection of the Person of work.