Signed General Agreement

Today, the General Agreement was signed between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the republican associations of employers and the republican unions of trade unions for 2018-2020.

The document was signed by the parties of the Republican Tripartite Commission on Social Partnership and Regulation of Social and Labor Relations: from the Government – Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerbolat Dosayev, from the association of workers – the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Bakhytzhan Abdirayim and the Secretary General of the Kazakhstan Confederation of Labor – Murat Mashkenov, from the employers’ associations-the Chairman of the Board of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken” Ablai Myrzahmetov, Chairman of the Board of the Confederation of Employers Kadyr Baikenov, Executive Director of the Republican Association of Mining and Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises, President of the Union of Producers and Exporters of Kazakhstan Nikolay Radostovets.

The General Agreement is concluded every 3 years. The signing of this document indicates that the Government pays special attention to the development of social partnership that is a priority area for joint activities for the parties to the Agreement.

This Agreement whose main goal is to conduct coordinated social and economic policy and interaction in ensuring conditions for decent work of workers was developed taking into account the Message of the Head of the State “The Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness”, the Labor Code and the Law on Trade Unions.

The document is based on the principles of development of social partnership as well as regulation of relations in the social and labor sphere that is the basis for ensuring the growth of investments in human capital and sustainable economic growth of the state.

Priority goals for trade unions in the new General Agreement are such issues as improving control over observance of labor legislation, gradual improvement of social standards, further improvement of safety and labor protection issues, improving the methodology for determining the subsistence level.

It is important to include in the Agreement new sections on accelerated technological modernization of the economy and cardinal improvement of the business environment, reflecting the transition to a qualitatively new technological level of development to enhance the global competitiveness of Kazakhstan.

«The main task of trade unions is to improve the quality of working life and provide conditions for professional growth. This document is the result of the achieved compromises which will give the trade unions the opportunity to achieve the goals set in ensuring decent working conditions for more than 6 million working citizens of our republic», said Bakhytzhan Abdirayim during the signing of the Agreement.