Regional trade union active meeting held in the East Kazakhstan region

On June 08, 2018 in the framework of the events dedicated to the day of trade unions, the regional trade union active took place in the East Kazakhstan Region. The regional active dedicated to the day of trade unions was opened by the Chairman of the Trade union center of the EKR by M. A. Tuleubaev who presented an introductory words. The work of the active was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the RK E. B. Sairov, head of the Department of Labour Inspectorate B. K. Kizatov, head of the Department of the internal policy N. L. Krasnobaeva, deputy head of the Department Culture M. T. Zhumagulov, representative of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the EKR, employers and etc.

The welcome speech was made by E. B. Sairov who told about the activities of the Federation of Trade Unions and about the immediate tasks and congratulated the participants on the day of trade unions wishing everybody successful work.

The head of the Inspectorate of Labor B. K. Kizatov congratulated the active and told about the importance of trade unions in solving social and economic issues and interaction on issues of social partnership.

Head of the Department of the Internal policy of EKR N. L. Krasnobaeva spoke about the role of social partnership in creating stable conditions in the economic development of the region.

The Chairman of the Coordinating Council for the Semey region S. M. Ibrayev spoke about the problematic issues in the social sphere and about the role of partnership in solving these problems, on the revitalization of trade union organizations.

N.V. Gorbacheva, Deputy Chairman of the Union of the Zyryanovsk mountain-concentrating combine, presented the activities of the primary organization on the achieved successes, on the motivation of compliance with the requirements for safety and health protection, on the incentive measures envisaged Collective agreement, in respect of employees who strictly fulfill the requirements of Biot.

A.K. Sundetpaev — Chairman of the Union of Cato-Karagai National Park told about the activity of the primary trade union organization and the activities carried out on observance of labor legislation, on creation of safe working conditions in the forestry organizations.

I.N. Sokolov — Specialist in legal issues of the regional organization of the Trade Union of Education and Science workers, told about the role of trade unions in resolving conflict situations in labor collectives, on the achievements, on positive examples in the resolution labour disputes. He also focused on problematic issues of remuneration of civil servants (education workers) and other state institutions. Also requested the federation of trade unions of the RK to assist in solving problems at the level of the government of the RK.

  1. A. Mozgovaya — The Chairman of the regional organization of the trade union of employees of state institutions, told about the role of the leaders of trade union organizations, the need to ensure the election of governing bodies at all levels.

After the speeches and discussions, the active moved to the awards. E. B. Sairov presented the sign of the FPRK to the head of the Department of the State Labour inspection to the B.K. Kizatov, thanked for close cooperation with trade unions on the resolution of issues related to the observance of labour legislation. The active heard the congratulation of the Chairman of the FPRK B. G. Abdіrajym in two languages. E. B. Sairov presented the honorary Certificate of the FPRK to the B.A. Nurpeisov, a lawyer of the trade union center of the EKR.