Meeting with the medical community of the region and veteran honoring

On June 9 Chairman of the Committee of social and economic relations and social partnership of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan S.T. Dauletalin met with the staff of the Rehabilitation Medical Center «The clinic DARU” (total number of Employees of the clinic is more than 400 people) as well as employees of medical institutions of the region.

Rehabilitation Medical Center «The clinic DARU» is a large ultra-modern, multidisciplinary, specialized clinic, the decisive task of diagnosis, treatment and medical rehabilitation of various diseases of adults and children.

The clinic combines a European quality of service, innovative methods and high-tech equipment, necessary for carrying out full-fledged and qualitative diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. RMC «The clinic Daru” is equipped with medical equipment of leading world brands of France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, USA, and following the European Standards of safety and quality. The staff of the clinic is represented by experienced specialists who have undergone specialization in leading clinics in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Czech Republic, Turkey and Korea.

One of the main directions of the clinic is medical rehabilitation. The clinic has three main brands of medical rehabilitation: cardiac, neurorehabilitation, rehabilitation after traumas and surgeries. For the implementation of rehabilitation therapy programs the center is equipped with medical simulators, equipment for balneological procedures, kinesio and physiotherapy.

Every day the clinic admits for treatment 900 patients. S.T. Dauletalin congratulated everyone on the upcoming holidays of trade unions and medical workers. Also on behalf of the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions presented valuable gifts for veteran of the medical service D.G. Kurmanalin.

In the meeting, acting as Chairman of the Aktobe Regional branch of the Republican Trade Union of health care workers “Senim” K.K. Sabyr has spoken.

In his turn, the chairman of the Trade Union Center of the Aktobe Region A.A. Amirgaliev congratulated with the day of trade unions of the RK and presented to 15 medical workers letters of gratitude and certificates. Following the meeting, the guests visited the patients’ wards and examined the latest equipment.