The future is ours!

From 8 to 10 June 2018 on the basis of the sanatorium “Sosnovy Bor”, the TOP “Trade Union Center of Kostanay Region” organized a camp of the youth trade union activists of the Kostanay region timed to the Day of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Abdirayim B.Zh. took part in the work of the camp. The camp participants are young workers of the region’s enterprises and members of trade unions under 35 years old, totally 100 people.

30% of 2 million members of the trade union in the RK are young people under 29 years old. One of the areas of modernization of the trade union movement is the formation of the personnel reserve and the rejuvenation of the composition of the governing bodies. Kostanay youth always has been and even now is the flagship of the youth policy of the Republic. The youth wing of the trade union movement of Kazakhstan “Keleshek” originated in the Kostanay region and today Keleshekov is been in every region of Kazakhstan. The movement unites the working youth of all professions. Collections of the trade union activists are held annually in Kostanai region, their main goal is to train and increase the social activity of young members of the trade union.

On June 8, the participants of the camp of the youth trade union were trained in project management under the guidance of experienced coaches. The traditional training for team building was in the program of the first day. The business game “Elections” was launched from the first hours of shift among young people and the outcome of which was the election of the chairman of the Youth Council.

Mobile and spectacular sports events, the morning action “Another you!», the opening of the election headquarters of the candidates for the chairmen of the council were all bright moments of the first day.

But, of course, the main event of the gathering was the participation in the work of the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The meeting with the youth activists of the Kostanay region in the format “Question-answer” was held on June 9. The young people were interested in the problems of the system of remuneration of civil servants, the thresholds of the retirement age of creative professions, rebranding of the trade union organization, the rejuvenation of the management staff, modern trends in the work of trade unions, including mediation. Young people also suggested creating a fund for social projects under the Federation and organizing co-working centers in the buildings of territorial centers. The chairman told the young people about the beginning of his career, the history of victories and defeats that accompany his path to success.

On the same day, the trade union leaders took part in the mass training on CROSSFIT in the open air. This sport was massive suitable for all levels of training and was remembered by the youth as an option for active recreation.

At 19.00 a gala concert was held in honor of the day of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan where the region’s assets received well-deserved awards from the hands of the chairman. Marat Zhundubayev, the deputy akim of Kostanay region, the chairman of the Republican branch trade union of state, banking institutions and public services, Mirbolat Zhakypov, the chairmen of the territorial structures of branch trade unions, the trade union of the region were also present at the concert.

The concert program was prepared by the participants of the shift. The guys wanted to show all the creative approaches to work with the asset. The program included performances by propaganda teams, winners of the KVN trade union league – teams of teachers of the pedagogical college, activists of the primary organizations of the trade union of cultural workers.

The concert ended with the launch of colorful balloons over the lake. This action symbolized a message to future trade union leaders. “Today, 2018 is the age of new technologies, the time of the 4th industrial revolution. We live in a world that changes every second. In your time, most likely there will be no harmful conditions and hard human labor will be robotic. We hope that our economy has become green in your time and your workplace is completely safe. Or maybe you do not have a workplace at all, and you’re a virtual office employee. We do not know what tasks the trade union of the future decides. It can protect workers from cyberattacks and the dangers of augmented realities. No one can know this now. But we hope that in the future the main mission of our organization – the protection of human rights of labor “was preserved.”

The day ended with a warm friendly bonfire, songs with a guitar, an exchange of opinions and impressions on the shore of the lake “Sosnovy Bor”.