Our “Iron” colleague

A continuous competition in three sports as swimming, cycling and jogging are called triathlon. There are several distances in triathlon including these types: starting from the super-sprint 300 m. + 8 km. + 2 km and ending with the “iron” distance of 3.8 km. + 180 km. + 42.2 km.

On June 17, 2018 in Astana the consultant of the Committee of Socio-Economic relations and social partnership Salykzhanov Ramazan Sattaruly together with 1300 triathletes from 47 countries of the world took part in the distance “Half Ironman” (1900 m. swimming, 90 km. race and 21 km. run).

First of all, triathletes pointed out for themself to decide what is their highest possibilities and replied that the title “Ironman” can be called only 1027, 103 of them in the category of «female”.

Ramazan Sattaruly was interested in marathon jogging and triathlon in the winter 2015. Since then ran 4 full marathons 42 km (personal record 3 hours 24 minutes), 6 marathons (best time 1 hour 31 minutes).

Yesterday he overcame his second half-iron distance for 5 hours 58 minute (1.9 km swimming, 90 km led stage, 21.1 km half marathon) and thus improved his result compared to last year’s halves for three minutes. This result in the group 45-49 years allowed to occupy it 51 place (of 73 participants), and in the general offset 570 place among 924 participants of men. Among 21 participants of the same age from Kazakhstan our Ramazan took the 9th place. The first place in this age group was taken by A. Vinokurov, the olympic champion.

R.S. Salykzhanov as the licensed triathlete of the Federation of Triathlon of Kazakhstan this year participates in the Cup “Temiradam” and on the results of 4 calendar competition is in the second place.

It is important to preserve strength and energy for 4-6 hours in overcoming the iron distance. And there are moments when the athlete is ready to break and just quit and stop. Here is the character of iron people. Ramazan said that he had a few moments to stop but the strength of the spirit and years of training allowed to throw hands at the finish “I am Ironman»!