Chairman of the FPRK took part in the Youth Forum

Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in the Youth Forum which was held in the Children’s Health Center “Chaika” Ayirtauskiy district of the North-Kazakhstan region. The guests of the festival were also the world champion, professional boxer Zhanat Zhakiyanov, chairman of the Trade union center of Astana City, advisor of the chairman of the FPRK Tastanbek Essentaev, chairman of the Trade union center of Akmola Region Kali Rakhmetov, Major of Ayirtauskiy District Beibut Ismanov, representatives of Nur Otan Party, and social partners. During interesting and meaningful dialogue with young people the issues of the development of the trade union movement, the role of youth in it were discussed which held directly in the open air. Representatives of youth organizations of different branches of economy had a unique opportunity to ask their questions Bakhytzhan Zharylkassynovich that got comprehensive answers. Young people were interested in participation in housing programs, issues of obtaining professional trade union education, sanatorium-and-spa treatment in the region, and the possibility of obtaining a trade union scholarship. He appealed young people to participate more actively in the work of trade union organizations, to move more courageously to the elected trade union bodies in order to become a worthy change of the older generation.  Veteran of trade union movement Akhmetova D.K. was awarded with the honorary prize of the Federation of Trade Unions of RK.

At the meeting with the chairman of trade unions and trade union committees of the enterprises, the chairman of the FPRK pointed out the decisions of the General Union from 22.06.18 about increasing role of trade in the regions, their interaction with the primary organizations and fulfillment of statutory obligations. Besides he clarified  expected changes in the statutes of trade union bodies and interaction of all parties to social partnership. Mostly he emphasized the huge role of the unity of trade union structures. In the framework of the 20th anniversary of Astana and the 125 anniversary of the great poet educator, a patriot of the countryman, M. Zhumabayev, youth sports holiday of trade unions of education was held. Chairman of the FPRK in a solemn atmosphere held awarding of winning teams.

In conclusion, the chairman of the FPRK visited health facilities of the tourist area of the region and sacred places of spiritual culture of the northern Priishimya.