Trade Union for civil servants!

Meeting of the Mirbolat Zhakypov – Chairman of the NGO “Branch Professional Union of employees of the state, banking institutions and public services” with Yerlan Koshanov – Akim of Karaganda region is held on the issue of the development of the trade union movement among public service workers in the region.

Later, Mirbolat Zhakypov and Bolat Zhumabekov, Chairman of the Trade union center of the Karaganda region, held a meeting with the heads of the trade union organizations of employees of the state and civil servants.

Mirbolat Zhakypov informed his colleagues about the work of the Branch trade union on implementation of the Road map of the modernization of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2018-2019 years, shared the results of practical work on activating trade union movement, spoke about the activities of international trade union organizations, expressed an opinion on the intensification of work on the ground to ensure the legal rights of workers.

In his turn, Bolat Zhumabekov shared with the results of joint work with the territorial structures of the trade unions in the Karaganda region to address issues of protection of the legitimate interests of human labor.

Tatyana Puryaseva, Chairwoman of the local trade union of the state employees of the Karaganda region, Serikbay Amanzholov – Chairman of the Zhezkazgan branch of the professional industry union of workers took part in the discussion of these issues. State, banking institutions and public services, Svetlana Suleimenov – Chairwoman of the trade union of territorial bodies of Justice, Marat Kokkozov – Deputy chairman and Ali Abzhanov – Chief Specialist of the Trade union center took an active part in the discussion.

As a result of the meeting the proposal of Mirbolat Zhakypov on creation of the Karaganda regional branch of the NGO “Branch Professional Union of employees of State, banking institutions and public services” was supported.