The South Unites forces

On July 04, 2018 the cluster meeting of the Regional Unions of the Southern region “Interaction on the places of the Union’s Territorial Unions with branches of regional and local trade unions” was held in the Almaty city. The meeting was attended by: Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Zharylkasynuly Abdіrayim, chairman of the Territorial Union of Trade Unions “Trade Union center of Turkestan region” Bekzhanov B.A., Chairman of the Territorial Union of Trade Unions “Trade Union center Zhambyl region” Tulepbergen M.M., chairman of the Territorial Union of Trade Unions “Trade Union center of Almaty region” Kydyrmanov A.S., chairman of the Territorial Union of Trade Unions “Trade Union Center of Kyzylorda region” Sermagambetov S.S., chairman of the NGO “Kazakhstan professional union of oil and gas industry workers” Kali S.E., chairman of the NGO “Kazakhstan branch trade union of energy companies ” Bekbas O.T., Heads of enterprises: Executive director of the JSC ” Almaty Electric Stations “Oxikbayev M. H, head of the youth wing ” Keleshek ” Kali S.B., representatives of youth organization “ZHARASYM” of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, heads of branches and members of trade union organizations in branches of the state, banking institutions and public associations, energy, railway, air and water transport, culture, sports and information, education and science, employees of the armed forces, employees of the health system “Senim”, the nuclear industry, workers of construction and housing and communal services.

The format of such a meeting was chosen in a non-random manner, in a constructive way the issues of interaction between territorial associations, branches and local trade unions were discussed, new forms and methods of work, problematic issues facing Unions, the role of union territorial unions also were considered.

In their speeches, the Chairmen of the Territorial Associations of the Trade Unions of Zhambyl, Kyzylorda, Almaty and Turkestan regions shared their experience in their fields. They told about replenishment of Trade Union ranks by new young personnel, about interaction with branches and local trade unions and staging of this work at the proper high level, about social partners and joint programs, raising the role of the trade union movement and its vision of solving problematic issues.

On the behalf of the NGO “Kazakhstan Branch professional Union of oil and gas industry workers” the Chairman Kaliev S.E. and “Kazakhstan branch trade union of energetics” the Chairman Bekbas O.T. in the speeches also noted necessity to use newest forms of activity in the work of trade unions. Kaliev S.E. asked to amend both the Federation and the Local Trade Unions’ Charter. Bekbas O.T. noted the need to conclude collective agreements that allow qualitatively improve the standard of living of employees. In addition, Kaliev S.E. and Bekbas O.T. focused on need for close interaction between branches and local trade unions with territorial associations of trade unions at workplaces.

The chairwoman of the Trade union center of Almaty told about the work for the 1st part of 2018, emphasizing the interaction of the TUTU with industry and local trade unions. The work on carrying out of mass events with participation of branch and local trade unions was noted. However, at the same time, there was constructive criticism of certain sectoral and local trade unions, which, unfortunately, take indirect participation in the events, the lack of feedback from the TUTU.

  1. Umirbaeva highlighted necessity in intensifying work on all directions noting that the key issue of the work of trade unions in Almaty is the work on strengthening the unity and consolidation of the trade union movement. “Trade unions today should put and solve the issues of social and labour relations, to achieve the creation of favorable conditions and stability of enterprises, to give new meaning to the trade union movement.

The closing remarks were made by the Chairman of the Federation of the Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan B. Abdіrayim, describing the results of the meeting of the General Council of the Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan held on June 22, 2018, emphasizing that at the present stage development of the trade union movement is having problems that will soon be solved. B. Abdіrayim noted, “Today there was a failure in the idealogic security, understanding of trade unions, in general, and trade union movement in particular. For 30 years there were no textbooks, no studies, no monographs devoted to the trade union movement. Today we are in a vacuum. The existing essays are devoted mainly to the chronological presentation of certain events. Moreover, this is really a problem of colleagues from the educational sector who for 30 years have not been able to organize relevant studies on the trade union movement. We are now making correction in this situation. A working group was set up which by October-November will prepare one, second book, a large monographic study concerning the trade union movement, in which all the information is presented in the form of questions-answers. These studies will become the table book of each trade union worker. This work continues through scientific and practical conferences. Three major scientific and practical conferences were held during this time. Why do you need it? This is, first, for you personally to be able to professionally appeal in matters of social partnership that in the framework of social partnership each trade union worker possessing instruments, besides could substantiate position on employees of corresponding the trade unions in each industry. In this aspect, we see the focus on strengthening competent approach in the work of trade unions. The second, in this regard, work is related to the protection of labour and social rights. Unfortunately, recently we do not hear a single fact of speech by trade unions as well as branch, local and primary organizations on such loud resonant questions in protection of those or other workers, their labour and social rights. The issue of protection of labour and social rights remained aloof. This is, unfortunately, an important aspect of our work with you that previously missed. This issue needs to give priority attention. The next question is the Charter. Initially, we must say that the Charter will be renew. What conceptual issues we can represent in it? At the beginning, strengthening of the coordinating central role of the Federation of Trade Unions in the work of sectoral trade unions, corresponding strengthening of the coordinating central role of the territorial unions of trade union in the regions, i.e. in the work of branches, local trade unions. Defining the competence of each level of trade unions, i.e. each level of competence we clearly reflect that we should do. Determination of the policy of payment and transfer of membership fees, transparency, strengthening of the role of the Audit Commission. This information will publish annually in the media. One term of election to the post of the Chairman of the Federation, in exceptional cases, not more than two consecutive terms. The following aspects are: the Roadmap today needs improvement and this is a very important issue. Many aspects can be note with satisfaction, some are in the process of being implemented, and some are already conceptually reviewing how to implement them. We are open for discussions about the role and place of Trade Unions in modern society. Let us get your suggestions on chat, email, we will look at and work on it. Fifth, personnel question. The Federation of Trade Unions has taken a course on updating and rejuvenation of personnel taking into account professional level. We have noticed that in those trade unions where there are mostly people of old age, the work does not go at all. ”

At the end of the cluster meeting the ceremony of awarding of the Jubilee Medal to the 20th anniversary of Astana to the Chairman of the NGO “Kazakhstan branch professional Union of oil and gas industry workers” Kaliev S.E., chairman of the NGO “Kazakhstan Branch Union of Power Engineers “Bekbas O.T., chairman of the TUTU” Trade union Center of Turkestan Region “Bekzhanov B.A were held.