Strengthening the Trade Unions in the Western region

On 12 July, in Aktobe city chaired by the head of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan B. Abdіrayim held a cluster meeting of the territorial unions of the western region of the country to discuss the issue of interaction territorial associations of the trade unions with branches and local trade unions.

The meeting was attended by heads of the territorial associations of trade unions of West Kazakhstan, Mangistau, Atyrau regions as well as Chairs of all branches and local trade unions of the regions, primary unions.

At the meeting the issues of interaction between territorial associations and branches and local trade unions were considered, efforts consolidation, the image of trade unions and introducing new methods of work were discussed additionally possible problematic issues as well as the challenges that trade unions were facing. The chairmen of the TUTU informed about the works in the regions.

Also, the chairman of the Kazakhstani branch trade union of the oil and gas complex S. Kaliev, who took part in the meeting, spoke about the work on the revitalization of the branch trade union, the adopted plans and strategy and the need for close interaction between regions.

In his turn, the chairman of the TUTU of the Aktobe region A. Amirgaliev explained about the work carried out during the 1st half of 2018 emphasizing the interaction of the tops with trade unions.

The closing remarks were made by the chairman of the FPRK B. Abdіrayim  noting that his work trip to the Western region starts from the Aktobe city as a modern urban and a large economic center of the entire western region of the country.

It was noted that the work of the TUTUs of the western region was quite well-coordinated and successfully got started. At the same time, the President of the Federation focused on necessity to solve a number of problems in general as well as a lack of scientific and methodological basis for the development of trade unions for which the working group has already been established and in November of current year several books, monographs will be issued concerning the trade union movement. These studies will become the Table Book of each trade union worker. This work will be continued through scientific and practical conferences.


Adoption of a new statute, amendments to the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law on trade unions which will determine the competence of each federation, industry, local, and even primary transnational, respectively, strengthening the coordinating central role of the Federation of Trade Unions in the work of trade unions, determination of transparency of financial resources and enhancing the role of the Audit Commission.

At the end of the cluster meeting the ceremony of awarding with a sign of the Federation of Trade Unions of the RK “Kasіpodaktarga Sіnіrgen enbegі ushin” workers of the Don GOK JSC “TNK” Kazchrome was held dated to the 80th anniversary of the Combinat namely Vyacheslav Rumyantsev is the main mechanics of the specialized mining assembly shop, chairman of Committee and Azat Harrasov is a deputy chief of the dust-ventilation service and blasting works of mine named “10th anniversary of the independence of Kazakhstan”, Chairman of the Committee.

On the same day, as part of a working visit to Aktobe region, the chairman of the FPRK visited Alginskiy Meat Complex LLP “Aktobe meat cluster” where counted more than 200 employeers and met with a working group.

This enterprise is one of the largest cattle-breeding complexes in the region where the newest innovative non-waste technology of deep processing of production is introduced. In general, the company has a complete closed cycle of production-from cattle breeding, production of fodder, fattening and meat processing to shipment of finished products.

Since 2015, the company has been steadily exporting beef and this volume is increasing every day. All products at the enterprise are manufactured according to Halal standards. The company also uses a quality management system based on HACCP principles.

The participants of the meeting with FPRK had a unique opportunity to discuss and provide proposals concerning changes and additions to labor and pension legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and improvement of the system of labour disputes regulation as well as social issues.