In the new trade union of health workers “Senim” consists of more than 150 thousand members

In March this year, the extraordinary Congress of the Kazakhstani branch trade union of health workers decided to withdraw from the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  On this fact – the reaction of health system workers including in the regions of the country was ambiguous. Moreover, many employees of medical organizations from the regions whose opinions were not asked by trade union leaders of the Kazakhstani branch trade union, learned about the fact of the exit-only now.

In order to ensure the interaction of health workers with employers, local executive and authorized bodies as well as with the leader of the trade union movement in Kazakhstan – Federation of the Trade Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan – April 12, 2018 by the initiative Group of citizens, medical workers from 14 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it was decided to create a new public Association-Republican Public Association “Branch Professional Union of workers Health Systems “Senim” (hereinafter referred to as “Senim”)  and on April 24, 2009 registered with the justice authorities.

At the founding congress “Senim”, the unanimous decision on joining the Federation of Trade Unions of RK as a member organization, on June 22, 2018 “Senim” was accepted into the Federation of Trade Unions of RK.

Now “Senim” has opened 16 branches throughout the Republic. Today employees of medical organizations of Turkestan, Kyzylorda and Atyrau regions are 100% of members of trade union “Senim”. The secession from Kazakhstan branch trade union of health workers and transition to “Senim” — Aktobe, Pavlodar and East Kazakhstan regions are almost completed. Trips to regions, meetings with groups of primary organizations, carrying out of agitation and outreach work showed low level of awareness among employees of organizations both about the role of trade union movement, and about work of Kazakhstan industry trade union health.

The strategy of the newly created trade union association “Senim” is to increase the responsibility in the regulation of labor relations, effective protection of socio-economic and labor rights and interests of people of wage labor, development of social partnership, improvement of organizational and financial work, increase of responsibility of trade union personnel, preparation of their reserve, active participation in social and political life of the country.

At the same time, taking into account that union membership dues paid members of the trade union are intended to protect the rights and interests of the trade union members, to pay qualified specialists – consultants in collective bargaining and conclusion collective agreements, providing material assistance to trade union members, organization of cultural mass and sporting events as well as other statutory activities – the charter of the trade union “Senim” provides for the return to the primary organization of the membership contributions in the amount of 65%. This factor will help to increase the role of trade union leaders of primary organizations: in solving labor disputes, finding compromise solutions in emerging labour and social disputes with the involvement of professional specialists to solve Conflicts.

In addition, to update the staff of the elected office (the Chairman of the trade union), both in the Central trade union and in the primary organizations, the Charter of the trade union “Senim” provides a limited term of office without the right to re-election to the next term-5 years. Whereas in the Kazakhstani branch trade union of health workers the same chairman is the leader for 30 years.

To ensure transparency of the use of membership dues of the trade union “Senim” is provided only by non-cash settlement strengthened the role of control and audit commissions.

A special role is given to collective agreements concluded by the employer with the employees of the organization, where on behalf of the collective the trade union “Senim” will perform. It should be noted that the normative legal acts of the Ministry of Health of the RK as well as legislative acts on labour protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan provide benefits and guarantees for the health care system employees but often the employer ignores the prescribed rules. In this case, the trade union “Senim” undertakes obligations, through the conclusion of collective agreements with employers, to provide all the provided benefits and guarantees, as well as responsibility.

The key and priority for the trade union “Senim” problems that need to be solved at the legislative level are the protection of honor and dignity and sometimes the life of the health care staff who are in various non-standard and unconventional situations, in the performance of official duties.

Trade unions are called upon to protect the interests of health-care workers not only in labour disputes but also require a constructive reform of the trade union movement including the improvement of the status of the health care worker through the improvement and introduction of  the new forms of wages and salary system.

The Republican Public Association “Industrial Professional Union of health system workers “Senim”.