Primary of new format has been created

In the branch of Astana NGO “Kazakhstan branch professional union of workers of culture, sport, tourism and information” the new primary is created.

For the first time in its ranks the organization from the sphere of printing services has appeared. LLP “City Face Astana” has already well established itself in the market. Its director Chepel Ivan Sergeevich – Creative thinking and acting leader for innovative approach in work.

Despite the small team where each employee signed an individual employment contract Ivan Chepel aware of the importance and need to conclude a collective agreement and the establishment of a primary trade union organization.

— All conscious life is engaged in projects that are connected with social responsibility. Any civilized business should be built on principles of creation and responsibility not only to the employees but also to the society. Only under these conditions will the maximum benefit and return, – shares Ivan Chepel.

— Our government creates all conditions for business development and we must use our resources for the benefit of our economy, to be more mobile, to keep up with the times using innovative methods and technologies. In addition, it is necessary to look wider at the socio-economic component that each employee is not only protected but also is sure that tomorrow he/she will not remain without work and on the contrary, this employee will be able to further develop professionally and receive additional skills. Moreover, in this I see a great benefit and perspective of the trade union which can really help to solve many tasks,- highlighted I. Chepel.

On the proposal of the young head and the branch of Astana NGO “Kazakhstan branch trade union of workers of culture, sport, tourism and information” it is planned to create an initiative group of young businessmen in the field of printing and other services with the purpose elaboration of the general strategy of actions on questions of social and economic transformations in the light of the fourth industrial Revolution, exchange of experience in questions of innovative approaches, application of new methods of mediation and psychology with the purpose of reduction of social tensions in groups and in the family, development of youth policy, assistance to young specialists and many other things.

Trade union organizations should be at the forefront of modern socio-economic processes. It is necessary to restructure the work and expand the field of activity – acting as a full-fledged representative of civil society, raising the most topical topics, directly participating in their decision. This is the model of the modern union.

– Of course, we do not want to duplicate the functions that already exist in the state bodies and in the non-governmental sector, but we want to contribute to the development of the economy and society, we want to be heard, to support our state and to receive from its support and mutual understanding, and therefore to get feedback in action that today is very important,-says Ivan Chepel.

Employees of the branch trade union of Astana congratulated the LLP “City Face Astana” staff with the creation of the primary trade union organization. At the meeting unanimously chairman of the union Ivan Chepel was elected, all employees were handed trade union cards and tickets. The first step is done. We hope that it will be followed soon by others. The work on the creation of the primary continues.