Mediation as the priority of the Assembly of the People in the strengthening of Unity and Public Harmony

On August 2, 2018, the chairman of the TUTU “Trade Union Center of Pavlodar Region” Aitzhanova D.N. took part in the work of the Regional Mediation Council. The meeting on the topic “Mediation as the priority direction of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan in strengthening of unity and public Harmony” held within the framework of the single Republican Mediation day with the participation of deputy major of Pavlodar region, Chairman of the Council of mediation of Pavlodar region Begentaeva M.M., chairman of Pavlodar Regional Court Smagulov M.K., Vice-President of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan Pavlodar Region Zhetpysbaeva S.K., head of the center Mediation KSU “Kogamdyk kelіsіm” of the Akim’s authority of the Pavlodar region Nikolashina O.L., heads of the state and law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, professional and non-professional mediators.

Deputy Major of the region M. Begentayev made a presentation “The role of the Assembly in the development of the Institute of Mediation in the Pavlodar region”. On the implementation of the memorandum of cooperation between the Regional Court and the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan reported the Chairman of the Pavlodar Regional Court Smagulov M.K.  The chairman of the TUTU “trade union Center of Pavlodar Region” Aitzhanova D.N. noted in her speech that the trade unions of the region, not being mediators, are doing a priori work on reconciliation and conflict prevention in the sphere of work. Despite the fact that each trade union leader has necessary skills for reconciliation, they are constantly learning the basics of mediation. Only in 2018, 120 people trained with the help of the mediation center. From this year in the building of the Trade union center opened its doors conciliatory center, where participation in the free admission of citizens accept mediators, veterans of the court and employees of the center. One goal is to reduce the conflict in the workplace. Trade Union Center gave a thankful letter to Nikolashina O.L. – Head of the Mediation Center, Sedleckaya I.V.-professional mediator, Ivanov M.A.-Veteran of the judicial system. The Meeting established the Coordination Council of the ANC public mediators, approved the updated composition of the Mediation Council of Pavlodar region that includes the chairman of the center Aitzhanova D.N.