Branch of industry trade union of Culture and Sport to be established in Turkestan

On August 6, 2018 the chairman of the PA “Kazakhstani Branch professional Union of Workers of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Information” Imankulova Svetlana Kenesovna visited the Turkestan region with the working trip where she met with the Chairmen Primary trade union committees, union members and chairman of the TUTU Trade Union Centre of the Turkestan region Bekzhanov B.A.

During the meeting the Chairman of the Kazakhstani Branch Trade Union announced the prospective tasks and long-term plans facing the trade union movement of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as she congratulated the organization of the Turkestan region and raised the issue of Opening the representative office of the Kazakhstani Branch professional Union of Culture, Sports, tourism and information workers in the new regional center, Turkestan City.

This step is dictated by the need to solve the problems of the employees of the industry both in the new regional center and in the city of Republican significance according to the example, Astana city, Almaty city, Akmola and Taldykorgan regions. The development of the new regional Center envisages the construction of new theatres, museums, sports schools and mass media. Turkestan is one of the largest tourist centers of Kazakhstan and is widely regarded as a pearl of Central Asian history and culture where thousands of pilgrims and connoisseurs of heritage of our ancestors aspire annually.

And this, in turn, means the expansion and development of cultural infrastructure, the creation of new jobs, and, therefore, the care of the rights and guarantees of industry workers which should be provided by trade unions.

The Regional Trade Union Active supported this proposal. Now the work on creation of the representative office with the subsequent registration of a full-fledged branch has begun.

In turn, the chairmen of the Primary trade union organizations of the Cultural branch raised the issue that the job safety and Health Officer (technical inspector) in the collective were assigned to the chairpersons of the Union with 0.5 allocation of the official salary from the Republican budget.

– This question is one of the most urgent in our sphere consisting of many professions with dangerous and (or) harmful working conditions. In addition, we want to bring it to the level of our ministry as well as a number of other departments because practically we have no certain speciality that is fundamentally wrong. The question of increasing the basic salary of the employees of our branch is also crucial. Most immediately, we will again raise this issue at the governmental level attracting the Deputy Corps, prominent public figures to this problem where the level of wages is the lowest among the employees of the budget sector and even below cost of living which is unacceptable both for young professionals and for professionals who have worked for more than 40 years.

– In your region there is even a unique example, when in 1989 the library worker was able to protect from fire more than 17 000 books by carrying alone into a small apartment to preserve a priceless heritage for future generations. Few people know about such heroes moreover support them because they live and work for the most miserable salary that is not right – highlighted Svetlana Imankulova.

– In addition, the question of optimizing the organizations of culture and sport is now being raised that we consider unacceptable because namely our sportsmen and artists who are the main heritage of Kazakhstan at the international level. Our country is known all over the world due to their successes and victories at international contests and competitions. Moreover, we must support and develop these areas but not reduce and optimize that is our greatest achievement.

Furthermore, during the meeting the emphasis was placed on the creation of a collective agreement that would meet all modern requirements and satisfy the interests of both parties on parity basis. Because this essential document is not only intended to meet requirements of the employees but also to keep images both organization and employer at a high level.

The participants pointed out the urgency and timeliness of the meeting. There is much for Branches to do in all directions.