A solemn meeting dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held

On August 25, 2018 in the primary trade union organization LLP “Astana Kalalyk Zharyk” with the participation of the city branch of “Astana” branch trade union of workers of the construction complex and public utilities held a solemn meeting dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In her speech, the chairman of the branch Madiyarova T.B. noted: The Constitution is the basic law of the country which reflects the will of the people, the desire of the people to approve the Republic as a social, democratic, secular and legal state where human life, human rights and freedoms are the highest values. According to the Constitution, citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan have the right to freedom of union. Law regulates the activities of public associations. Only military personnel, national security officials, law enforcement officials and judges should not be in trade unions. Guided by the law of the RK “on trade unions”, branch of trade union is carried out a certain work on the development of social partnership, protection of labour and social rights of workers and trade union committee “Astana Kalalyk Zharyk” also contributes.  Acting director of LLP”Astana Kalalyk Zharyk” Tazhigaliev A.T. shared with the plan of work on improvement of the social package of employees for the next year, congratulated the team with the holiday and announced the bonuses of the group in honor of the Constitution Day.  The deputy chairman of the trade union center of Astana Kunadilov T. said about the activities on modernization of trade unions at the city level, about creation of the center of mediation, and sports club. At the meeting there was rewarding for many years conscientious labor and active participation in public life medal “Labour Ardagerі” of the trade union member, deputy head of mechanization and transport service of LLP”Astana Kalalyk Zharyk” Sadvokassova B.E. The Chairman of the primary trade union organization Mukanova Zh.Sh. from the trade union committee handed the members of the trade union, whose children is going to school for the first time, a set for first year children of 40 subjects.