“Modernization and strengthening of social partnership”

On August 24 in the conference Hall of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the chairmanship of Sultan Kaliyev held a regular meeting of the Executive committee of the Public Association “Kazakhstan Branch Professional Union of oil and gas complex “(hereinafter – KazMunayGazProf).

The practice of the Public Association «local trade union of workers of South-Eastern structural subdivisions of JSC KAZTRANSOIL on development of social partnership, collective-contractual relations in the conditions of the executive and considered transformation of the company» was studied.

Executive committee noted a positive trend of increasing the efficiency and role of the trade union organization in maintaining stability in the team, the expansion of constructive dialogue and collective negotiations with the employer to improve working conditions, effective implementation of the company’s social policy in the context of transformation of production.

As noted by the chairman of the local trade union Nelly Pfeifer – «In the thousands of employees where all (100%) employees are members of the trade union, there is a high activity of youth, growing dynamics to trust of collective staff to young colleagues and the average age of heads of primary organizations of the local trade union is 36 years!  Moreover the current collective agreement and recent additions is aimed to it, first of all, at improving working conditions, strengthening social partnership, sustainable development of production and maintaining stability in the leading oil transportation company of the country».

It was decided to extend the positive experience of the local trade union to develop the system of social partnership and collective-contractual process, to maintain stability in the collective, to strengthen the unity of the trade union ranks and to send prepared materials for the meeting of the executive committee of KazMunayGazProf.

In order to implement the instructions of the Head of the State  which are set out in the program articles “Social modernization of Kazakhstan: Twenty steps towards the society of universal labor”, “Look into the future: modernization of public consciousness” executive committee decided to continue conducting an industry review-competition for the title “Munay-Gaz Ondіrіsіnіn ozaty”, dedicated to the Independence Day and create their own trade union Chronicle of labour glory: “Decent work-the main goal of the union!”, promoting the propaganda of the productive and honest work, dissemination of advanced innovation achievements, increasing the prestige and reputation of working professions, the formation of youth active civic position on the glorious traditions of older generations and labor dynasties, nurturing the desire for further self.

On the meeting of the executive committee discussed issues of preparation and participation of the KAZMUNAYGAZPROF delegation at the forthcoming Republican Forum of Labour Youth and XXV Congress of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved the composition of the working group on preparation of the changes and additions to the Charter of an industry trade union. Decisions on the convening of the plenum of the Central Council, the awarding of KazMunayGazProf veterans of oil and gas industry, trade union active, representatives of social partners in connection with the professional holiday-The day of the employee of oil and gas complex.

According to the established tradition at the meeting of the executive committee Sultan Kaliyev, the chairman of the Branch trade union presented the awards of the Ministry of Energy and Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and congratulated colleagues with the upcoming professional holiday – workers day of oil and gas complex.

The sign of the Federation of Trade Unions of RK “Kasіpodaktarga Sіnіrgen enbegі ushin” was awarded to Assel Kadyrova, head of oil and gas sales service LLP “Kazakhoil Aktobe”, chairman of the Aktobe regional branch of KAZMUNAYGAZPROF, honorary diploma from Ministry of Energy of the RK-awarded Serik Mirzakhalikov, chairman of NGO “Local trade union of employees of LLP” KazMunayGas-Onimderi “and Certificate of Honor of the Federation of Trade Unions of the RK awarded-Shalkar Mazhenakov, deputy director of the Department of Management staff and remuneration, chairman of the NGO “Local trade union of  the employees of JSC” Intergas Central Asia “.

The work of the Executive Committee is completed.