Find the right solution in questions of optimization

On the eve of Labor Day, the Pavlodar regional branch of the NGO “Kazakhstan Industrial Trade Union of Workers of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Information” held a round table on “Optimization of cultural and sports facilities in Pavlodar region” with the participation of the Chairman of the Trade Union Imankulova S.K.

Representatives of primary cultural and sports organizations of the region, as well as deputy head of the Labor Department for the Pavlodar region, Kabzhamitov M.T., took part in the round table. Those wishing to meet with the first head of the Trade Union and discuss the painful problems were much more than originally thought.

Svetlana Imankulova spoke in detail about the activities of the Trade Union in the recent period. In spite of the new Industry Agreement for 2018-2020, which includes additions aimed at improving working conditions, low wages, absence of benefits in terms of housing stock, etc. remain relevant for the industry workers.

Particularly acute is the issue of forthcoming optimization in the sphere of subordinate organizations, among which a large percentage of cultural and sports facilities. In the Pavlodar region there are 411 PSE. In each of the 13 rural areas there is, for example, its own house of culture. How can you optimize these objects, many of which are hundreds of kilometres apart?

– For Pavlodar, for example, it is planned to combine, by optimization, 5 children’s and youth sports schools into one. We believe that this is inappropriate, we are trying to reach a compromise at the level of 3 schools. We understand that optimization is needed somewhere, but not everywhere. It is necessary to approach this issue with caution, to seek a reasonable solution, – said the chairman of the regional branch of A. Kozbayevа.

– Who believe that the objects of culture and sports are not currently priority in the context of socio-economic development of the country, they actually destroy the past and present of their people, not giving them a chance for the future. At all meetings, in all areas of social partnership, we constantly emphasize that Kazakhstan is seeking recognition at the international level, primarily thanks to our athletes and artists. These are the pearls of our human capital, which the President Nursultan Nazarbayev called for to develop as the basis for the modernization of our country, – S. Imankulova said in her speech.

– We repeatedly raised the issue before the Ministry of National Economy and the Ministry of Culture and Sport about the inexpediency of optimizing, in particular the library system, archives, children’s and youth sports schools, clubs, and cultural centres. At the recently held Industry Council in Astana, a decision was made to re-raise this issue, and official requests were sent to the Ministry of National Economy and the Ministry of Culture and Sports. We are waiting for the reply within the next few days and we will certainly bring it to every member of our trade union.

During the work the participants of the round table a number of proposals on optimization of the enterprises of Pavlodar region were put forward, in particular about the creation of a working group under the management of culture and sport with the participation of trade union leaders on the structure of each new enterprise and the employment of workers at the level of these enterprises.

In the near future, the results of all the issues raised will be published on the pages of the social networks of the Trade Union and in the media of the region.