A roundtable discussion was held at the National Library

On September 28, the National Library hosted a roundtable discussion “Anti-Corruption Examination of the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Pro et Contra”, organized by the Republican Public Association “National Movement Against Corruption “Zhanaru”, with the participation of deputies of the Parliament, Representatives of state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Territorial Association of Trade Unions “Almaty Trade Center”, other public organizations, mass media.

It was noted that Kazakhstan’s state bodies and institutions of society have gained a certain experience in organizing effective measures, methods and mechanisms to counter corruption in the sphere of rule-making. A special place, role and importance in the accumulated experience belong to the practice of conducting scientific anti-corruption expertise.

While positively assessing the process of the formation and development of scientific anti-corruption expertise of LSI projects, the following shortcomings were noted: the lack of regulated rules for analysing its results and their interpretation; insufficient accounting for the use of budgetary funds allocated for its conduct, as well as weak control over the rule-making activities of state bodies.

Representatives of the TATU “Trade Union Center of Almaty” took an active part in the work of the round table, making a written proposal to include trade unions in the list of expert organizations that are part of the subjects for the production of scientific anti-corruption expertise.