Professional On-line-contest “The most creative teacher”

The Department of Education of Astana, the Center for Modernization of Education of Astana, the trade union of education workers “Adilet”, the website of the city of Astana “City 01. kz” held the contest “The Most Creative Teacher”.

The competition was held on the website of the city of Astana City 01. Kz., which was a remote, online voting. The purpose of the competition is to identify the most creative teacher, support and develop pedagogical initiatives, raise the image and prestige of the teaching profession. The competition was dedicated to the Teacher’s Day and the 20th anniversary of the capital of Astana.

The tasks of the competition included identifying teachers of educational organizations, presenting their ideas on updating pedagogical practice, supporting a pedagogical initiative and transmitting the experience of the creative teacher himself.

The online contest showed that among our teachers there are many clever, talented, ready to give their invaluable knowledge to our children. More than 50 educational organizations participated in the competition. The winners were: Medyanov Arislanbek Sarsenbayevich LycSch No. 66 (3421 votes); Abdihaeva Mayra Kamarovna School № 16 (2715 votes); Janasova Sania Zhanbolatovna LycSch No. 1, Tukhbatova Adelia Yurisovna Palace of Schoolchildren (2377 votes).

All winners were awarded with letters of thanks and money certificates from Akimat and the Adilet trade union.

A certificate of 5-day rest in the sanatorium “Zeleny Bor” was awarded to an elementary school teacher of secondary school No. 2 Leshchev Andrey Sergeevich.

Teachers of school №27, school №51, school №65 were awarded with certificates for a 2-day holiday in the sanatorium “Green Forest”.