The meeting of the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Defense and Security of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On October 16, 2018, the meeting of the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Defense and Security of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan Nazarbayeva D.N. took place in the Center of employment of the population of the city of Almaty with representatives of private employment agencies, training centers, employers. The side of the workers was represented by Z.A. Umirbaeva – the chairperson of the territorial union of trade unions “The trade union center of Almaty”. On a working trip Senator Nazarbayeva D.N. was accompanied by the Akim of the city Baibek B.K. and deputy mayor of the city, who supervises the social sphere Aukenov E.M.

During the meeting, issues of implementation of the Head of State’s Message to the People of Kazakhstan “Growth of Kazakhstan Welfare: Increasing Income and Quality of Life”, which is fully social in nature, were discussed.

They also spoke about the implementation of the “Yenbek” Program, the formalization of the self-employed, and the provision of a barrier-free environment.

Opportunity to address directly to the senator Nazarbayeva D.N. with exciting questions was provided to:

– Umirbaeva Z.A. – chairman of the trade union “Trade Union Center of the City of Almaty”;

– Inkarbekov I.A. – Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Public Association “Almaty City Society of Disabled People”;

– Aliyev R.A. – Director of the training center of “Fast Net” LLP;

– Yeroshkina V.K.- Director of a private employment agency of “Abiya Education” LLP.

In her speech, the chairman of the territorial association of trade unions Z.A. Umirbaeva said that “Trade unions, as the most massive institution of civil society, uniting today more than 200 thousand members of the trade union, 687 organizations of the city, support the President’s Message and are ready for the most active participation in the implementation of the tasks aimed at improving the welfare of the Person of Labor, increasing income and the quality of life of all residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Representatives of the trade union movement are pleased that one of the important instructions was to increase the minimum wage of Kazakhstanis by 1.5 times and this measure will affect more than 175 thousand city workers. The Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan will insist on higher wages for low-wage professionals. With such a requirement, the Federation appealed to the heads of enterprises. The increase in the minimum wage by 1.5 times gives reason to announce an increase in wages for other low-paid workers.

Today, trade unions in cooperation with the Akimat are actively working with enterprises to fulfill the instructions of the Head of State, namely, explaining the main provisions of the Message, concluding collective agreements, creating primary trade union organizations, and pay great attention to occupational safety and health.

Next Umirbaeva Z.A. noted that by law, trade unions have the right to participate in the development of RLA, however, as practice shows, trade unions are not involved in this work.To realize this right, there is no corresponding obligation in the legislation of state bodies to involve in the development at a “zero stage” and discussing draft regulatory legal acts affecting labor and social rights and the interests of citizens.

Umirbayeva Z.A. made a proposal to consider the possibility of legislatively envisaging the participation of trade unions in the development of legislation affecting the labor and social rights of workers, by analogy with the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs. After hearing all Nazarbayeva D.N. thanked for the meeting, for the questions raised and asked, having compiled all the appeals, to send in writing to her address.