As part of the implementation of the Republican campaign “Conclude an employment contract” and “Together we will increase the culture of prevention in labor protection”, the Trade Union Center of Astana together with the Office of Control and Quality of the Urban Environment continued the information campaign “TRADE UNIONS FOR HUMAN LABOR”) “.

The participants of the action went to every boutique, to every shop and explained the rules and regulations of labor legislation to sellers, told them what they need to know in order to avoid infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of the employee, and how to defend their rights in case of violation by the employer.

In order to identify and reduce informal employment, trade union workers and the labor inspector of the city of Astana explained to both workers (sellers) and boutique owners (self-employed) about the need to conclude labor contracts and responsibility for failure to conclude. During the action, it was found that more than 10 employees (sellers) of outlets work without an employment contract.

Small businesses were informed about the work of the new branch trade union of SME “Yntymak”, which is working on demand on the digital platform in electronic format and whose initial task is to create conditions for business. After all, without creating conditions for business, you will not create conditions for employees.

There were also distributed agitation, leaflets and information material “The difference between the employment contract and the contract for the provision of services in the field of labor relations.”