The international cooperation

From 12 to 17 November 2018, at the invitation of the Federation of General Trade Unions of Romania FGS “FAMILIA”, within the framework of a cooperation agreement, a delegation of Kazakhstan led by the Chairman of the Branch Trade Union of the workers of the construction complex and housing and utilities sector K. Esengazinyn visited Bucharest (Romania) on a working visit. The delegation was attended by the chairman of the Astana City branch of the trade union Madyarova T., the chairman of the branch of the branch trade union in the Atyrau region Uteuliev E., the chairman of the local trade union of workers of ”Almaty-Su” LLP Kilibayeva G. The official reception of the Kazakhstan trade union delegation was held at the Bucharest Social House of Builders (CSC), where Ovidiu Iliescu, CSC CEO and Gheorghe Balacianu, FGS FAMILIA President, spoke about the development of social dialogue and the mechanism of social protection for workers in the construction sector in Romania. The meeting was also attended by the chairman of the Trade Union Federation of Construction and Building Materials Industry of the Republic of Moldova “SINDICONS” Victor Talmach. The presentation of the legal framework for the creation of the Social House of Builders. The main advantages of creating a Social House of Builders: maintaining a skilled workforce in the construction sector; retention of the working personnel at the employer’s disposal during and after the termination of work due to adverse weather conditions; achieving and strengthening a platform for social dialogue between the social partners of the construction sector. Representatives of the Employers’ Federation of Romania, representing the construction industry, spoke about the mutual cooperation of social partners in the field of employee security through the Social House of Builders. The delegation visited the glass factory for the production of construction products, got acquainted with the production activities, the organization of social partnership at the level of the workforce, met with the workers, were interested in their production life and cultural – leisure life. The delegation also visited the Parliament and the sights of Romania. Following the meetings, discussions and discussions on issues related to social guarantees for workers in Romania, representatives of the branch union concluded that the Social House of Builders is an example of good practice in providing social protection for builders, especially useful for some regions of Kazakhstan with a sharply continental climate. Within the framework of international cooperation, the social partners of Romania agreed to support the creation of a Social House of Builders in Kazakhstan