Function of trade unions in honor of Independence Day

On December 11 this year in the trade union center of the North Kazakhstan region held a function devoted to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan. It was attended by Mukhtar Bakirovich Tinikeyev, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Egor Yakovlevich Kappel, head of the NGO “Sectoral Professional Union of Agricultural Workers”; deputy of the NGO “Sectoral professional union of agricultural workers” Nurumbayev Magauiya Telmanovich; heads of regional departments and departments of the socio-economic unit; Representatives of the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken”, public organizations, a wide elected trade union activists, representatives of MASS MEDIA.

Opening the meeting, the chairman of the trade-union Center of the North Kazakhstan Nurakaev E.E. noted that the function was held on the eve of the celebration of the 27th anniversary of the Independence Day of our country under the powerful influence of the Head of State’s Address to the people of Kazakhstan: “Growth of the welfare of Kazakhstanis: increasing incomes and quality of life. A distinctive feature of the current Message is that special attention is paid to issues aimed at further improving the welfare of the people of Kazakhstan, the formation of a national standard of quality of life, as well as the development of the country’s human capital.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan Tinikeev MB informed the trade union activists of the region that the Roadmap for the modernization of the Federation of Trade Unions is aimed at promoting the principles of social justice, improving social and labor relations, strengthening and consolidating trade unions and acts in unison with the main directions of the Head of State’s Address. He dwelt on the main activities of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

By order of the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Abdirayym B.Zh. he presented the state award Order of “Enbek Danky” of the III degree to Bralin Raun Nurmanbetovich, breeder of the farm “Zholdastay-Agro” of the Ualihanov district for personal contribution to the development of agriculture and high production indicators. This high award was first awarded to the worker of the North Kazakhstan region Bralin R.N.

Honorary diplomas of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the active participation in strengthening the trade union movement and in connection with the celebration of Independence Day were awarded to: Goncharuk E.V., Zalogina N.A., Rezinkina V.V.

The labor veterans of agricultural enterprises Zaloin A.N., Omarov K.K., Nugumanov J.K., Akhmetov D.K. , Elemesov S. were awarded with the sign “Kurmetti Ardager” (“Honorary Veteran”) of the public association “Council of Veterans of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan”

Chairman of the NGO “Sector Trade Union of Agricultural Workers” Kapel Y.Y. for a significant contribution to the formation and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its capital with the Jubilee Medals “Astana 20 zhyl” awarded the director of “Ulguli” LLP of M. Zhumabayev District Kuatbekov Daniyar Dautovich and the chairman of the trade union committee of “Molservis” LLP of Kyzylzhar district Krasnoshchek Olga Mikhailovna.

Chairman of the Trade Union Center of the NKR Nurakaev  Y.Y. handed certificates of honor of the Trade Union Center of the SKR Gafurov K.K. and Tasymova A.A. Chairman of the Public Association “Local Trade Union of Agricultural Workers in North Kazakhstan” Nugumanov B.K. awarded diplomas of the branch trade union to Suleimenova T.S., Sarsenbayeva A.T., Mukasheva A.S.

The recipients made a response, thanked for the appreciation of their contribution to the strengthening of the trade union movement. Thus, Alexander Nikolayevich Zalogin, a labor veteran who worked for more than 40 years as an accountant at the Ukrainian State Farm in the Zhambyl District, sincerely thanked the trade unions for their attention and care for the older generation. I was proud to note the significant work of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, large-scale actions, forums and other events aimed at protecting the Person of Labor. Chairman of the trade union organization of JSC “ЗИК СТО” Goncharuk Yevgeniya Valeryevna, delegate of the extraordinary XXV Congress of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan noted the strengthening of the role of primary trade union organizations in the modernization of the trade union movement, increasing the authority of trade unions in ensuring stability in society.

At the conclusion of the festive meeting was a collective photo.