A ceremonial meeting of the branch of the trade union of workers of the health system “SENIM” of the North Kz was held

On the eve of the Independence Day of Kazakhstan in the trade union center of the North Kazakhstan region, a solemn meeting of the branch of the SENIM health workers’ union in the NKR was held.
The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Trade Union Center of the North Kazakhstan Region Nurakaev E.E., who congratulated all the participants on the Independence Day of Kazakhstan, informed the activist about the main activities of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the territorial unification to implement the tasks set by the Head of State N. Nazarbaev growth of welfare of Kazakhstan: increasing incomes and the quality of life” in terms of increase in wages of low-paid categories of workers, further isolator Tia RK union movement. He dwelt on the instructions of the Head of State on the gradual increase in wages by 20% to local health workers who have introduced new approaches to disease management in order to stimulate workers of primary health care.
Chairman of the branch of the branch trade union of health workers «SENIM» in NKO Abilev J.M. and delegate extraordinary XXV Congress of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan noted that since 1 January 2019 all clinics and hospitals need to go paperless, digital medical records that will allow by 2020 to create electronic health passports for the entire population, eliminate queues and improve the quality of services. He also congratulated the winner of the contest “The Best Technical Inspector on Labor Protection of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan” in the non-production sphere in 2018 Temirov Amanzhol Kalimoldauly, specialist of the City Polyclinic № 2, for the 3rd place with obtaining a certificate in the amount of 100 thousand tenge, at the last 10 December of this year. Republican Forum of workers “Decent work – the basis of stability”, organized by the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan.
At the end of the solemn meeting Abilev Zh.M. awarded certificates of honor of the Republican trade union «SENIM» to medical workers – activists of the trade union movement. He also introduced Sultanov S.Kh., deputy chairman of the branch in North Kazakhstan Region, to the trade union asset.
In conclusion of a festive gathering a collective photo was taken.