The trade union center of Pavlodar region took the initiative to add items on increasing and indexing salaries in existing collective agreements

Agreement regulation of social and labor relations between employees and employers, aimed at ensuring the coordination of their mutual interests, is carried out through making collective agreements.

The employer and employees through their representatives, authorized in the prescribed manner, are parties of the collective agreement.

The legal value of the collective agreement is to maintain the ability of employees and the employer to effectively  resolve issues that are not regulated in the Labor Code and other normative documents related to labor legislation, as well as issues connected with the interests of social partnership members.

Statistics demonstrate that as of December 1, 2018, 6344 enterprises operate in the region, 5,737 of which have active collective agreements, which is 90.4%.

The trade union center of the region called for a high-quality update of the collective agreements’ contents. For these purposes, the headquarters for collective agreements’ signing is constantly working at Victory Square 3 in Pavlodar ,  and available through the hotline telephone 32-18-45.

“A collective agreement must contain a social package of benefits not only for employees, but also for pensioners, and in certain cases for members of employees’ families,” said Dinara Aytzhanova, chairperson of the LLP “Trade Union Center of Pavlodar Region”.

For example, in accordance with the collective agreement of JSC “National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy ” 20% premium to the tariff rates (salaries) is guaranteed to young specialists, sent to the stations of 3,4,5 classes and separate points, for the first two years of work, which contributes to the retention of young personnel.

The collective agreement of JSC TNС Kazchrome provides an additional paid leave in the number of 18 calendar days before taking maternity leave as a support for young mothers.

The collective agreement of JSC “Pavlodar Tram Administration” provides two days of additional paid leave for women with two or more children under 12 years old.

These are good examples of the concern of enterprises for the provision of social benefits to a labor person.

October 5, 2018, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev addressed to Kazakhstani people with the Message  “Growth of the welfare of Kazakhstani people: increase of incomes and quality of life”, which are entrusted to the Government from January 1, 2019 to raise the minimum salary by 1.5 times – from 28 to 42 thousand tenge.

According to Marat Kabzhamitov, Deputy Head of the State Administration for Labor Administration of Pavlodar Region, within the framework of the President’s Address to raise salaries of Low-wage Category Employees, about 193 employers with a total number of 33 508 employees, expressed their willingness to raise salaries of 9292 employees starting from January 1, 2019.All additions to the existing collective agreements proposed by the Trade Union Center correspond to the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Growth of the welfare of Kazakhstani people: increase of incomes and quality of life”: to increase salaries, to index salaries and pay premium bonuses in accordance with the current regulations on giving bonuses.