Social networks are the main tool of the primary of trade unions

On the 29th of January seminar for the heads of primary trade union organizations on the topic: “Information work for the leaders of trade union organizations in the media and social networks” was in building of territorial Association of trade unions in Almaty city. The workshop-training was organized by training Center Federation of trade unions of RK.

The event was attended by more than thirty leaders of the primary health care, education, small and medium businesses, public service, atomic industry trade union organizations as well as the territorial association of the trade unions of Almaty “Trade Union Center of Almaty”.

During the seminar, professional journalists, employees of the press service of Almaty Akimat, bloggers, publishers and other specialists shared their experiences with its participants. Thus, the press officer of the Akim of Almaty, Dinara Sapakova, shared the skills of preparing information materials, establishing contacts and interaction via various media outlets.

Arnay Iskakova brought vivid examples from her journalistic experience in covering socially significant news.

During the seminar, the lecturer Marat Kalmenov acquainted the participants with modern tools for working with the media and social networks, in particular: about the skills and principles of information, the preparation of specially structured texts (press releases).

Independent journalist Igor Khen has conducted training on working with traditional mass media and social networks. “The ability to work with mass media and social networks increases the potential and influence of the primary trade union organizations in solving actual issues of trade union protection of workers”- said the head of information and analytical center FTUK Marat Kalmenov.

This event was held in the framework of a two-day seminar on training directors of Almaty primary trade organizations. With this seminar FTUK opens a training cycle for professional workers throughout Kazakhstan.

According to the seminar participants opinions, social networks have become an accessible mass media for primary trade unions and should be actively and widely used in daily work.