In light of the announcement by the Head of state of 2019 Year of youth in Kazakhstan, the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan has taken a course to implement a policy of comprehensive support for young workers, designed to improve their opportunities in the labor market.

This was the leitmotif of the meeting of the Deputy Chairman FPRK Satybaldy Dauletalin and activists of the youth movement “KELESHEK”, whose main objective was to enhance the participation and role of youth in the trade Union movement of the country.

Opening the meeting, S. Douletli recalled that in the framework of the modernization and reform of trade Union activities special emphasis is placed on strengthening and intensification of work with young people.

About the key directions of the state youth policy, said the acting Chairman of the Committee on youth and family MOR of Kazakhstan Askhat Orals. He focused on the issues of providing quality education, creating conditions for employment, employment and business development among young people, as well as the development of scientific and technical potential.

The event served as an effective dialogue platform for the promotion of creative ideas and discussion of a number of projects to support young workers, where youth leaders presented their initiatives based on the basic values of the trade Union movement.

In order to improve the competitiveness of young people in the labor market and its involvement in the social and labor activities of the country, the leaders of youth councils have updated the issues of strengthening positions in cooperation with state and public organizations in the field of protection of the legitimate rights and interests of youth.

Speaking for the creation of favorable conditions for labor socialization, youth leaders believe that the voice of young people should always be heard in the formation of public policy and the solution of important social and labor issues.

Special attention was paid to the need to involve young workers in the trade Union and to train leaders of the trade Union movement among young people.

Analyzing the current activities of the youth movement of trade unions, Chairman of the Youth Council “KELESHEK” Tolegen Kunadilov made a proposal to create an independent youth movement of trade unions, which will be the first consolidating organization dealing with the issues of youth labor in Kazakhstan.

— This will allow you to extend the framework of social mobility, will give a new impetus to the implementation of the concept of state youth policy, — said T. Kandilov.

At the same time, new approaches were proposed to promote occupational safety and health, support young workers and their families through the institutions of collective and labor agreements.

– The meeting showed how creative and bright young people today are in the ranks of the Union. These are the people capable of improving the capacity of the labour youth as the driving force of the country and successful implementation of the national idea of Universal Labor Society, — said S. Dauletaly.

At the same tіme, he noted the urgent need to change the paradigm of youth policy, increase awareness and brand development of the trade Union movement among young people, as well as the importance of the formation of the youth personnel reserve.

He paid special attention to the need to support start-up projects and business initiatives of young entrepreneurs, as well as the widespread use of innovative technologies in trade Union activities.