The problem of the lack of real levers of mediation is becoming increasingly important in modern society. This applies both to the sphere of relations between the employee and the employer, and the sphere of family relations. The fprc has been able to take a significant step forward in this direction.

Centers of reconciliation “Tatulos ortalygy”, which was opened fprk and the Supreme court of Kazakhstan, with all the territorial associations of trade unions, became one of the most effective in the country structures for the resolution of labor conflicts. Since March, 2018, with the involvement of professional mediators, lawyers, trade Union specialists at the centers “Tatulos ortalygy” held 2140 mediation procedures, of which 980 — positively resolved labor disputes in the framework of 872 mediation agreements and more than one hundred of the negotiations.

The workers of the reconciliation center at the TOP “trade Union center of Karaganda region” shared their experience during the round table organized jointly with the district court №2 of the Oktyabrsky district of Karaganda.

The theme of the event- ” Mediation-as a way to resolve conflicts in educational institutions. Increasing the role of the family as a fundamental social institution”.

The round table was attended by head of the Center for Reconciliation, trainer-mediator Shardarbekov Light, the mediator of the Centre for law enforcement services at office of public Prosecutor of Karaganda region Baurzhan Aubakirov, heads and representatives of educational institutions of the Oktyabrsky district.

  1. Shardarbekova told about the work of the Reconciliation Center, the complex of qualified services for conflict resolution, announced the prospect of signing a Memorandum of cooperation in the field of education by the Reconciliation Center.

The Chairman of the court Talgat Nygmetov spoke about the action of the pilot project “Family court”, which defined a completely different approach to the consideration of disputes arising in the field of family and marriage relations, not limited to the resolution of the dispute on the merits. The implementation of this project contributes to the improvement of family relations, strengthens the institution of family and family values, and protects the interests of minor children.

Judge Olesya Tsai made a report on the development of school mediation, announced the goals and objectives of the establishment of reconciliation services in schools.

The participants of the round table highlighted the existing problems in the implementation of mediation in schools, including the issue of financing the training of personnel in conflict management skills, training of administrators, teachers in methods of negotiation and selection of cases for mediation. This fact is especially important in the light of recent sociological studies, according to which the increase in the level of conflict in schools directly affects the well-being of students ‘ families.

Mediators of the Reconciliation Center not only shared their experience, but also answered in detail all the questions addressed to them by the participants of the round table.