The problem of unemployment and disorder among young people is one of the most acute problems in Kazakhstan today. Territorial associations of trade unions of fprk participate in the global program on allocation of grants to young Kazakhstanis within the framework of the agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Bank for reconstruction and development.

IBRD (or the world Bank) together with Kazakhstan implements the project on development of youth corps Zhas Project on involvement of unsettled youth in social and business processes in the country. On the part of fprk one of the first TOP in the work involved “Trade Union center of Almaty”. Recall that fprk pays great attention to work with young people. Seminars and round tables are held throughout the country on a regular basis, and young workers have the opportunity to develop and show their talents in the field of trade Union activities. The brightest young people are becoming new Union leaders.

TOP Almaty, headed by the Chairman Zauresh Umirbaev carries out active work on the implementation of Zhas Project. Now there is a stage of clarification and acquaintance with the project. A number of meetings have already been held with the leadership of the Departments of social development of Almaty, the Department of social welfare, the Department of education of the city, the Director of the chamber of entrepreneurs of Almaty, with students of Almaty state business College, with persons with disabilities and representatives of NGOs, with businessmen in the Chamber of entrepreneurs andKunaeva. In the near future, it is planned to conduct explanatory and information and Advisory work with students of all universities and colleges of the city.

This year the project will be launched in six regions of Kazakhstan: Akmola, Atyrau, West Kazakhstan, Mangystau, as well as in Almaty and Astana. Fprc will participate in the implementation of the project in all areas.

The youth corps development project is aimed at involving young people in socially useful activities through the development of vital skills necessary for successful integration into society and productive employment.  The amount of each grant is up to one million tenge. In the competition preference will be given to projects of participants from among the unsecured and unsettled youth.

Also, all participants of Zhas Project will receive a monthly scholarship in the amount of 60 000 tenge (graduates) and 40 000 tenge (other participants), will be trained in the program of vital skills and project management skills, as well as receive support from mentors.

Age of participants from 14 to 29 years.  Non-governmental organizations, youth organizations, educational institutions and other private organizations working with young people as hosts of the project can also participate in the project. Each host organization may engage in supervision of up to 7 social projects.

Their functions include coordination and patronage of each assigned project. In addition to the accumulation of grant funds and patronage of each group (General project management), an additional incentive for the host organization is to receive funds (bonuses) to the account in the amount of 150 000 tenge per month for each supervised project (project implementation period — 6 months). Acceptance of applications for host organizations will last until March 5, 2019. You can apply on the website zhasproject.kz

On February 26, a briefing is planned on the basis of TOP Almaty, during which the main aspects and stages of the project, conditions of participation in the grant competition and training program will be discussed. The briefing will take part Zauresh Umirbaev — Chairman of the TOP “trade Union centre of Almaty”, Alibek Aldana — head of the Department of social development of Almaty Gulmira Yeskendirov — coordinator of the Project, Vera Kim — head of the coordinating Agency, Erbol of Umirbaev is the representative trade Union, the regional project coordinator in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

On February 27, an information meeting with interested potential participants of the project will be held in the conference hall of the professional Center of Almaty.

From March 15 to April 15 will be accepting applications from project participants.