Federation of trade unions appealed to trade unions and employers of the country to support the social initiatives of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan held an extraordinary extended meeting of the Executive Committee of the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan, devoted to the discussion of the initiatives of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, announced at the XVIII Congress of the party “Nur Otan”.

The meeting was attended by representatives of FPRK, industry trade unions and major primary trade Union organizations under the leadership of Chairman of FPRK Bakytzhan Abdiraiym.

In his speech, the Chairman of the FPRK stressed the special role of trade unions in the implementation of the initiatives of the Head of state aimed at the real needs of Kazakhstan, including the revision and increase of existing wages to low-paid employees of the public sector.

Bakytzhan Abdiraiym noted that the Federation today consists of more than a million employees of the public sector and trade Union organizations on a regular basis promote the issue of the need to increase wages.

Members of the trade Union movement were also particularly encouraged by the President’s instructions on social support for working mothers with many children and single mothers, which echoes the priorities of the FPRK.

Today, at the initiative of the Federation of trade unions in the primary trade Union organizations, assistance is provided to mothers with many children-workers. The experience of the sanatorium “Zhanakorgan” in Kyzylorda region, which in February this year decided to pay an annual double minimum wage to mothers with many children and single mothers, became an indicator of the high social responsibility of the employer and the performance of their tasks by trade unions. In addition, working women of the sanatorium will receive a one-time payment in the amount of the minimum wage in connection with the birth of a child.

Such benefits will cover a quarter of the workforce (59 out of 240 employees). And such examples in the practice of trade unions is not enough.

The concrete steps taken by the Federation in the field of youth support, as well as the development of the social sphere in the villages and attracting young people to the countryside are in tune with the social initiatives of the President.

Thus, within the framework of the announced year of youth, the branch trade Union “SENIM” decided to allocate 60 grants of 500 thousand tenge to young health professionals who have expressed a desire to work in rural areas.

During the enlarged meeting, the Federation of trade unions appealed to the country’s trade unions and employers to support the President’s initiatives in order to further promote measures of social assistance to workers.

“As the largest public organization in the field of protection of human rights and interests of Labor, the Federation of trade unions calls on all creative forces of civil society, all social partners to join efforts to improve the quality of life, economic and social protection of workers, comprehensive and qualitative development of human capital.

We appeal to social partners, employers, trade Union organizations to support the social initiatives of the President of the country by making additions to the collective agreements in terms of support for working women, including large and single mothers, women raising disabled children, thereby showing social responsibility to society, labor collectives, which ultimately serves as the basis of social welfare and stability in the country”, — stated in the appeal of the FPRK.

The participants of the meeting expressed confidence that the ongoing changes will receive full support of workers and the goals will be successfully implemented.