S. Dauletalin, Deputy Chairman of the fprc, summing up the results of the two-day training seminar held within the framework of the International conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the International labour organization, noted that: “One of the main activities of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan is international cooperation. An important task of trade unions – qualified training, so the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan directs its efforts to attract qualified professionals, including foreign speakers. We should study international experience for practical application in Kazakhstan.

The most important task of trade unions is to protect the rights of workers, plus legal advice, plus participation in litigation, as well as training. The trade Union must first and foremost participate equally in collective bargaining and collective bargaining. The Union is eternal if there is a relationship between employer and employees. The mechanism of social partnership should be implemented through the trade Union. Each of you is a leader who can promote the modernization of public consciousness. I thank all the participants of the seminar who are working for the benefit of all the workers of our country. The man of labor is the basis of our state, our society and trade unions — the first conductors for the protection of his rights.

We see the goals, we know the ways and mechanisms to achieve them. I thank my Japanese colleagues for their solidarity, informative seminar and practical skills. We will continue our cooperation in a more expanded format.”

In turn, R. Saito, Secretary General of JILAF (Japan), said: “We also learn a lot from you. During these 2 days we have seen a lot of new things for ourselves, including how to organize such international conferences, how to unite trade unions. I will certainly give information to my unions in Japan on the excellent organization of events in Kazakhstan.

T. Saito, representative of JILAF (Japan), also added: “the Road from Japan to Kazakhstan by plane takes more than 10 hours. The distance between countries can be significant, but the distance between our hearts has decreased, we felt that you are interested in our information. We are impressed by how interested you are in your work. Union work is very important. It depends on you how the rights of employees are protected. You’re psychologists, politicians, strategists. We wish you good luck in your hard work!»

At the end of the seminar, all participants received certificates, as well as a collective photo in memory of the seminar.