Development and strengthening of international cooperation is one of the priorities of the Federation of trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Chairman of the FPRK Bakytzhan Abdiraiym held a meeting with the delegation of Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which included the head of the country team of the abstract Eastern Europe Sonja Schirmbeck, Director of the Foundation in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Christophe Maur and the head office of the Fund in the city Nur-Sultan Zauresh Shutova.

The meeting was also attended by the previous head of the Fund in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Ms. Henriette Kiefer, who completed her activities in Kazakhstan this year.

Bakytzhan Abdiraiym expressed gratitude to the foreign partner for the special contribution to the development of fruitful cooperation between the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Fund. F. Ebert Foundation.

In his welcoming speech, the head of the FPRK noted the important role of cooperation with the international organization aimed at strengthening social dialogue in the field of labor and workers ‘ guarantees, improving social and labor relations, as well as increasing the role of trade Union organizations in resolving labor disputes.

Bakytzhan Abdiraiym stressed that this year is especially significant for the trade Union of Kazakhstan considering the 100th anniversary of the International labour organization (ILO). This event was timed to the international conference of FPRK “the Role of trade unions in social and labor relations. Dialogue of East and West”, held in Almaty with the participation of foreign colleagues from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Japan. He particularly noted the relevance of the issues discussed at the forum of the international trade Union agenda.

The Chairman of the FPRK also informed foreign experts about trade Union initiatives in the field of social partnership, improvement of labor legislation, strengthening of social dialogue in the field of labor.

The participants of the meeting noted the importance of joint training activities carried out within the framework of the bilateral partnership to strengthen the legal literacy of employees and employers, the resolution of labor conflicts, safety and health, as well as the gradual improvement of social standards.

Representatives of the Fund named after F. Ebert praised the initiatives of the trade Union movement of Kazakhstan, expressing their readiness to continue cooperation. In this context, the ways of further cooperation, including the development of a plan for joint activities, were discussed.

Press service of the Federation of trade unions.