12 April 2019 in the conference room Kosodate Astana was held the meeting of coordinating Council of the territorial structures of the trade unions in Pavlodar region with the participation of members of the coordinating Council, Chairpersons of sectoral and local trade Union organizations.

On the agenda were considered and discussed issues on social guarantees provided for in the collective agreement, on the work of the Conciliation center, on the day of labor protection, on the establishment of the Council of veterans at the professional Center and work with the media.

At the meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan dated March 19, 2019, Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan B. Abdirayym noted that according to statistics, Pavlodar region has the largest coverage of enterprises in the Republic, where collective agreements are concluded. Thus, there are 6344 enterprises in the region, of which 5737 enterprises have collective agreements, which is 90.3 %.

At the same time, the Chairman of the trade Union center Aitzhanova D. N. she focused the attention of the members of the coordinating Council on the need for a qualitative update of the content of collective agreements.

Nikolay sukhoterin, Chairman of the trade Union Committee of JSC “Aksu Ferroalloy plant of TNK “Kazchrom”, told about the experience of working on the quality content of the collective agreement.

So, according to N. Suhoterina, according to the collective agreement of the plant, the employer rewards the employee with a letter of Thanks and a valuable gift (worth up to 50 MCI) when retiring, subject to the presence of continuous experience in the structure of the company for 10 years or more; undertakes to pay employees of the company who have dependent disabled children under the age of 18 years, an allowance of 10 MCI per month for a disabled child; provide financial assistance to employees with four or more children under the age of 18 years (including children with disabilities and full-time students, regardless of age) in the amount of 10 (ten) MCI in the Republic of Kazakhstan per student by September 1.

Marina Ivanova, chief specialist on legal issues and mediation of the professional Center, presented the analysis of collective agreements of branch and local trade Union organizations of various industries. In her speech, the speaker drew the attention of the meeting participants to the need to take into account the provisions of article 157 of the Labor code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the inclusion of mutual obligations of the parties, on the procedure and conditions of joining the collective agreement of the joined workers, on the terms of the notice of dismissal in connection with the liquidation of the legal entity and on staff reduction, on the amount of compensation to the employee dismissed upon reaching retirement age, on the provision of social benefits to workers with disabilities, workers with children with disabilities, large families, single mothers.

In addition, Marina Ivanova told about the work of Conciliation center “Tatulos ortalygy”. According to the speaker, since the opening of the reconciliation Center, more than 150 people who reached reconciliation at the site of the trade Union center have not appealed to the court.

One of the important points at the meeting was the approval of the Regulations on the work of the Council of veterans, which will operate under the Territorial Association of trade unions “trade Union center of Pavlodar region”. The Council of veterans of the TOP “trade Union center of Pavlodar region” was created to coordinate the activities of trade unions to work with veterans of trade Union organizations, study the social problems of veterans, create conditions for the development and expansion of social activities of all categories of veterans and pensioners, their active participation in the moral, labor and Patriotic education of youth, expanding the forms and methods of mentoring, implementation of socially significant initiatives.

The chief specialist of the trade Center Tamara Solovieva was elected Chairman of the veterans Council by the unanimous decision of the members of the coordination Council.

The results of the meeting of the coordination Council adopted the decision on the revitalization of trade Union organizations on the execution of the function on protection of the rights of the working Man.