On April 18, 2019 in Ankara, Turkey, the international conference “the Future of labor: challenges and opportunities” organized by the Confederation of trade unions of civil servants (Memur-sen) for the 100th anniversary of the ILO began its work.

The main purpose of the conference is to exchange knowledge and experience on the issues of the trade Union movement in the world and discuss the future of the labor sphere, problems and opportunities of the new era, ways and means to overcome common challenges and problems by developing joint projects and initiatives among various stakeholders for further cooperation.

President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan takes part in the conference.

The total number of participants is 250 people from 107 countries. Representatives of the ILO, government and employers of Turkey are invited to the conference.

Kazakhstan at the international conference is represented by representatives of the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan: Chairman of the Branch trade Union of employees of state, banking institutions and public services Zhakypov M. H., Chairman of the territorial Association of trade unions “trade Union center of Almaty” Umirbayeva Z. A., head of the sector of legal support of the Department of legal support and international cooperation of fprk isenov A. B., Deputy Director of the Department of legal support and international cooperation of fprk Shotbakov T. B.

Ali Yalchin, President of MEMUR – SEN, Turkey, made an opening speech to the participants of the conference.

The Confederation of public service unions,Memur-sen, was founded in 1995. The Confederation has a total membership of over 1 million and is the largest non-governmental organization in Turkey and has membership organizations in all 81 provinces of Turkey.

The main objective of the Confederation of trade unions of Memur-sen is to ensure respect for moral values, to ensure loyalty to rights and laws, to establish a working world, to create a fair wage system, to assess the problems of employers ‘ ministries and to make every effort to improve their efficiency.

Ali Yalcin noted that Professional associations have always played a significant role in the socio-economic and political life of Turkey. The steps taken by the government to further democratize Turkish society have allowed the trade unions to significantly strengthen their positions and increase their influence in the political arena of the state. Almost every stage of Turkish history has been marked by the urgent need to protect the rights and interests of workers in the field of labor and labor-related relations. In modern conditions, the future of the labor sphere is in the development of new technologies, digitalization of the economy, which will result in an increase in unemployment. In these circumstances, the trade unions of all countries together should think about the future of the labor sphere, about the ways of employment of the released workers.

Giulio Durval Fuentes – President of the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of civil servants, noted that with the development of new technologies for civil servants, hard times have come, the labor market is declining, it is necessary to develop new standards for civil servants, providing new social guarantees in the field of education, health and recreation.

Arezki Mead – Secretary General of the African Association of trade unions, raising the question of the future of the workplace, emphasized the importance of the Confederation, MEMUR-SEN according to the Association of trade unions of all countries to establish democracy throughout the world.

In his speech, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey noted that trade unions are making a great contribution to ensuring stability around the world, regulating issues with refugees, combating poverty and unemployment.

Numan Ozkan – Director of the ILO office in Turkey:

The international labour organization (ILO) is a specialized Agency of the UN system, which aims to promote the principles of social justice, internationally recognized human rights and rights at work. Established in 1919, the ILO became the first specialized Agency of the United Nations in 1946.

ILO has four main strategic objectives:

  • promote and enforce fundamental principles and rights at work;
  • increase opportunities for women and men to obtain decent employment;
  • increase the coverage and effectiveness of social security for all;
  • strengthen tripartism and social dialogue.

These tasks are solved in different ways:

  • by developing international policies and programmes to support basic human rights, improve working and living conditions, and increase employment opportunities;
  • adoption of international labour standards in the form of conventions and recommendations supported by a unique system of monitoring compliance;
  • through large-scale international technical cooperation programmes;
  • through training and education, research and publishing in support of these efforts.

At present, 187 countries of the world are members of the ILO, for which the issues of regulation of labor relations and the ideas of a world peace based on social justice proclaimed by the Organization are important. The ILO Secretariat has a headquarters in Geneva and a global network of technical and field staff in more than 40 countries.

Since October 1, 2012, the Director General of the ILO is guy Ryder (Guy Ryder).

Erol Kiresepi – President of the International Organization of employers:

The international employers ‘ Organization, which brings together more than 50 million employers, welcomes the development of the trade Union movement, the growth of trade Union organizations, thereby improving the interaction of employers with employees. The international Organization of employers, which celebrates its 100th anniversary next year, pays great attention to the issues of wages, gender policy, the quality of collective agreements, education and retraining.

In her speech, Zehra Zumrut Serchuk – Minister of family, labor and social services of Turkey, noted that in the context of the industrial revolution, the rapid growth of the labor market in Turkey adopted an internal employment Roadmap, which analyzes the development of 12 sectors of the Turkish economy, provides for the development of new industries, compiled a list of 48 most relevant professions. The educational program is aimed at training employees throughout their lives. In their work, much attention is paid to social partnership, cooperation with trade unions and employers.

All speakers noted the great role of the Confederation of MEMUR-SEN to unite trade Union organizations around the world in protecting the rights of workers in the face of the growth of illegal immigrants, refugees, when more than 700 million illegal immigrants are below the poverty line in the world.

There were calls: trade unions of all countries unite!!!

During the conference, Ali Yalcin – President of MEMUR – SEN, Turkey noted that the crisis has become an everyday term in our lives. The crisis is not only in Turkey, but all over the world. The Confederation of MEMUR-SEN makes a great contribution to the future of the labor sphere, fights against the capitalist system of labor, when the sovereign rights of workers are violated, the relations of labor and capital are tightened, human labor is exploited, in conditions when 26 families of the world have the wealth of half the world, it is necessary to unite and solidarity of trade unions of all countries in protecting the rights of workers.

In his speech, President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he was proud of the memur-SEN Confederation, its activities aimed at uniting trade unions around the world, for solidarity with the trade Union movement around the world. A new milestone of change has come to the Turkish trade Union movement. The Confederation of MEMUR-SEN is a kind of guide. Turkey’s new trade unions are radically different from the previous ones. They fight for the freedom of their people, against any regime, oppose injustice, the activity of the Confederation of MEMUR-SEN is aimed at the struggle for democracy, protection of workers ‘ rights. He, as the head of the Executive body of Turkey, will support them in everything and contribute to their active development.

He thanked the Confederation of MEMUR-SEN for supporting democratic reforms in the country, for defending the rights of the people, the rights of civil servants. Congratulated the Confederation Maarsen with a new beautiful building of the headquarters of MEMUR SEN, congratulated and thanked all who participated in this project. After 2 days in this building will begin the work of the 6th ordinary Congress of the Confederation, MEMOR SAINT.

He further noted that “Turkey focuses on double standards in the fight against terrorism and the problem of refugees. Today, Turkey has sheltered 4 million refugees. Europe does not provide serious assistance, instead of the promised $ 6 billion, allocated only $ 1 billion 75 million. Some imperialist countries are trying to put pressure on them, despite this, the country’s economy is developing steadily. And Turkey is firmly on its way.

On the eve of the Turkish CEC officially announced the results of municipal elections in Istanbul. The municipal elections in Turkey were democratic, the tension between the political parties during the elections is over, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. According to the head of the Turkish state, the appeal of the election results by a number of political parties is also an indicator of democracy in the country. “The interests of the Turkish people are above all. My people continue their way, will always fight for their will, protect their rights and freedoms,” the Turkish President said.