Dear colleagues!

I heartily congratulate you on May 1 – the Day of unity of the people of Kazakhstan!

The holiday of unity and harmony is important for every citizen of Kazakhstan. “Where there is unity – there is life,” says our people.

The policy of peace and harmony pursued by our country opens up new opportunities for our people. Today we are making economic and social progress, experiencing stability, prosperity and prosperity of our country. That is,” hands on one victory, on the one hand, on the other ” allowed us to work together on the path of sustainable and dynamic development of Kazakhstan. And only a landmark, which began with the principles of respect and unity, will help to ensure that our future is bright.

Our most valuable and important wealth is political stability and unity! This is an assessment of achievements; in the district its observance is the duty of every citizen of Kazakhstan.

Holiday of unity of the people of Kazakhstan with the holiday, brothers!

Sincerely, Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

Bakhytzhan Abdirayym.