May 17 was the second day of the Forum of youth health workers “Jastar – senim men serpin” – members of the trade Union “SENIM” in the city of Karaganda in the main building of the NAO “Medical University of Karaganda”.

According to the program of the Forum 9.00-12.00 training of the trainer, PhD, associate Professor, Holds Nenashevoj Bibigul on the subject “How to increase the effectiveness of the protection of labor rights of workers” and the President of the National Chamber of education and innovation “SERPIN” Murat Abenov on the topic “the Role of social media in building effective communication”, candidate of medical Sciences, Professor of the UNIVERSITY them. E. Buketov of Tokhtar Kispaeva on the theme “Health and profession.”

The chairmen of the Youth councils of 16 regions of Kazakhstan in memory of the First Forum of young workers of the trade Union “SENIM” in the year of Karaganda on the alley of NAO “Medical University of Karaganda” planted blue spruce 5. The second half of the 2nd day of the Forum according to the Program is a solemn part. With a salutatory word to participants of the Forum asked the Chairman of the Central Council of trade Union “SENIM” Dusen the Saparbek Serikovich, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan Birzhan Nurymbetov Bidaibekova, Deputy akim of Karaganda region Askhat Aimagambetov kanatovich, the Head of the health Department of Karaganda oblast Yerzhan nurlybayev of Shakirovich.

Then the young specialists – doctors, who shared their personal experience about the first steps of work on clinical specialists and successful development of high-tech methods of treatment of patients, spoke:

“I am the doctor” — first change Olzhas Korganbekov, children’s traumatologist-orthopedist of the SCE on PVC “City hospital № 2”, Nur-Sultan.

  1. “A multidisciplinary approach to treat patients with severe injuries” — Tashkenbaev Bakhtiyar Sarycheva, Deputy Director regional General hospital of West Kazakhstan region.
  2. “Cardiac surgery is my dream” — Ishutinov Duman the Yerekeshev, cardiac surgeon MSE on PVC Pavlodar regional cardiac center.
  3. “Endoscopic methods in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding” — the Leader of Madhat Bazarovich, endoscopist MSE on PVC “emergency Hospital of Semey”, the Chairman of the national youth Council, the NGO branch of the trade Union “SENIM”.

The solemn part of the Forum continued with the presentation of cash and housing certificates to young professionals from all regions of Kazakhstan. Also, activists of the youth movement “SENIM” were encouraged by Diplomas of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akims of regions, the Central Council of the trade Union “SENIM”, health departments. Valuable gifts were also presented. The forum ended with a concert and a show program.