On July 2, 2019, Alexey Boatochnikov, the winner of the project “100 new faces of Kazakhstan”, the winner of regional and national music competitions, the pupil of the Kachir orphanage, told about his success story to the chairmen of public associations of industry and local trade unions of Pavlodar region.

The meeting was held in celebration of the National Day of Dombra, established by the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on June 13, 2018.

Talking about his success story, Alexey shared his impressions of participation in the events dedicated to the meeting of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Ah. Nazarbayev on the land of Pavlodar region.

Referring to the First President, he spoke about his dream to sing a song Baladika at the opening of the EXPO-2017, because this work was performed by the famous singer Amre Kashaubaev at the opening of the EXPO in Paris in 1925. Alexey’s dream came true.

Today, Alexey graduated from the College of music, became an entrant of the faculty of music of Pavlodar state University. S. Toraigyrov, successfully performed in gala concerts at the national stage, wrote the book “the Way of man” in the state language.

Veterans of the trade Union movement, the Chairman of PA “Pavlodar regional organization of the national trade Union of workers of education and science of the” G. A. Naurzbaeva and the Chairman of the branch “professional Union of workers of agriculture of Pavlodar region” P. E. Surma gave the bat-farewell to a young talent.

Awarding A. Lodochnikov with a Welcome address and a gift, the workers of the TOP “trade Union center of Pavlodar region” congratulated the guest on the Day of Dombra and noted that he is a worthy successor and conductor of the traditions of the Great Kazakh people, wished to remain devoted to musical art, to promote folk art and give their talent to people.

Chairman of the trade Union of workers of culture, sports, tourism and information A. Z. Kozbayeva, solemnly took A. Lodochnikov in the trade Union ranks, and Chairman of the Youth Council “KELESHEK” G. N. Atabaeva announced the inclusion of Alexei in the Youth Council, giving attributes – a baseball cap and a t-shirt with the logo of the trade unions. Charming sounds of dombra and songs were performed by A. Lodochnikov and a student of the 3rd year of the music College G. Nations for the participants of the creative meeting.