On July 10 this year, the delegation of FPRK takes part in the 14th Congress of the Turkish Confederation of trade unions HAK-IS uniting workers of the non-state sector of the economy. The Congress is attended by representatives of 53 countries from more than 120 trade Union organizations.

HAK-IS one of the largest trade unions in Turkey, is a member of the ITUC and CPT. Currently, HAK-IS is the second largest Confederation of trade unions in Turkey.

HAK-IS was founded in 1976. The organization currently includes 22 member organizations and 440,000 Union members. Chairman of HAK-IS – Mahmut Arslan.

HAK-IS attaches great importance to the European social model, its elements and high standards of fundamental rights and freedoms. At the same time, HAK-IS constantly supports a consistent policy for the process of Turkey’s accession to the European Union (EU). HAK-IS insists that Turkey achieve EU norms and standards and implement social transformation as a basic requirement.

HAK-IS gives priority to women’s organizations. HAK-IS is determined to contribute to the solution of all the problems women face in life, especially when they enter the working life, as well as to increase the level of women’s participation in trade Union life and struggle. HAK-IS has extensive and good relations with trade Union organizations in different countries and international trade Union organizations, such as ITUC and ETUC.

The Congress Was opened by Mahmut Arslan, who told about the origins of the organization and drew the attention of the participants that the history of HAK-IS has more than 40 years. At the same time, he stressed that HAK-IS is one of the major trade Union confederations of Turkey and a member organization of key global trade Union associations, while sharing the common opinion that the trade Union-labor movement should not have borders.

“The work of HAK-IS is is aimed at the development of the free movement of workers and is aimed at achieving conditions of decent work of workers. Only people who share our values can understand our goals: Work, Democracy, Freedom, Justice,” Mahmut Arslan said. In addition, the Chairman of the Confederation HAK-IS noted important issues on the international agenda, namely the problem of refugees in Syria and other countries with an unstable situation, noting that: “unfortunately we are faced with an era of injustice: the issue of refugees in Syria, which directly affect not only the problems of labor but also violate the basic values of humanity.” In addition, Mahmut Arslan mentioned the cases of “deaths of refugees near the borders of Europe and the United States, the issues of oppression of both labor and the generally accepted rights of people on religious beliefs in East Turkestan and Myanmar.”

The main tasks for the near future Chairman of the Confederation HAK-IS Mahmut Arslan outlined: increasing the number of trade Union members, ensuring decent working conditions for workers who do not have a permanent job, involvement in trade Union activities as many women as possible.

Mahmut Arslan shared information that HAK-IS conducts on the integration of Turkey with the countries of the European Union, reducing the number of Turkish workers who receive the minimum wage, reducing the tax burden for workers and injuries in the workplace. In the final part of the speech, the Chairman of the Confederation HAK-IS urged workers to unite and fight together to achieve conditions of decent work, democracy, freedom and justice.

“Please do not be silent, do not be afraid and do not give up and then we will reach a bright future” — summed up Mahmut Arslan.