In the framework of the 14th Congress of the trade Union Confederation HAK-IS Chairman of the FPRK Baytan Bdream held a bilateral meeting with the President of the largest trade unions Confederation of Turkey’s MEMUR-SEN — Ali Alcina.

During the meeting, the parties discussed further cooperation plans, in particular the roadmap for the implementation of educational trade Union programs, which the parties plan to hold on the basis of the Federation of trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the involvement of international and Turkish experts in the field of trade Union movement.

Bakytzhan Abdiraiym invited Ali Yalchyn to make a study visit to Kazakhstan in order to strengthen relations between Turkish and Kazakh trade Union organizations. The meeting was also attended by Isenov Almat — head of the legal sector of FPRK and Ugur Muftuoglu – specialist of international relations of the Confederation of trade unions MEMUR-SEN.