July 18, 2019 in Pavlodar was held an extended meeting of the coordinating Council of the TOP “trade Union center of Pavlodar region” with the participation of Deputy akim of Pavlodar region Oralov A. R. The meeting was attended by social partners of the state “Labor Department of Pavlodar region”, state “Department of internal policy of Pavlodar region”; chairmen of regional industry trade unions, local trade unions, primary trade Union organizations.

Welcoming the chairmen of professional public associations, Deputy akim of the region Oralov A. R. noted the increased importance of the work of trade Union organizations as one of the parties of social partnership; activities to reduce industrial injuries, prevention of labor disputes, prevention of informal employment.

They positively noted the proposal of the professional Center to form the agenda of the meeting of the regional tripartite Commission on social partnership and regulation of social and labor relations with the obligatory hearing of reports of the first heads of enterprises that allowed cases of industrial injuries.Given the historical mission of trade unions in civil society hope for plodotvornoe cooperation in the framework of social partnership – said A. Orals.

Chairman Aitzhanova D. N. summed up the activities of the TOP “trade Union center of Pavlodar region” for the 1st half of 2019, spoke about the work with primary trade Union organizations, the prevention of labor disputes and conflicts, work on the prevention of industrial injuries and occupational diseases, gender and youth policy. One in three of the active workers in the region is a member of a trade Union, highlighting the growing role of trade unions in civil society. Collective agreements are the main instrument for the protection of workers ‘ rights. The active position of the trade Union center on making additions to collective agreements containing additional social guarantees in comparison with the labor legislation is being implemented on the ground. Statistics show that in Pavlodar region the number of collective agreements is 5707 or 91, 3 % of the total number of operating enterprises (6248), which indicates a high percentage of collective agreements in the region. However, the trade Union center of the region is concerned about the quality of collective agreements. Trade unions of the region initiated the inclusion of the section “On creation of healthy and safe working conditions”in collective agreements for enterprises. In total, 840 production councils have been created in Pavlodar region, 1223 technical inspectors operate.

At the same time, the trade Union center is concerned about the increase in the number of occupational injuries, including 4 fatal cases occurred at the enterprises of the region in the 1st half of 2019. On the work of trade unions on the prevention of labor disputes, in the framework of the signed Memorandum of cooperation with the Pavlodar regional court, the head of the Conciliation center “Tatalasu ortalygy” Ivanova M. A. Since the establishment of the center, 179 appeals have been considered. Chairman Of The Youth Council “KELESHEK” Atabaeva G. N. she highlighted the work Of the youth Council “KELESHEK”, which was created to coordinate the activities of trade unions to work with young people in every enterprise where the primary trade Union organization works. After all, 38% of 136 thousand Union members in the region are young people. On the work of the branch trade unions said R. Naumova Deputy Chairman of the industrial mining-metallurgical trade Union “Busprotocol” in Pavlodar region, S. Tolegenova, Chairman of the branch Branch trade Union of health workers “Senim”, A. arynova, Deputy Chairman of the branch Branch trade Union of workers of education and science.