On July 29, 2019, an extraordinary meeting of the Coordinating Council of the TUTU “Trade Union Center of East Kazakhstan region” took place in the walls of the House of Trade Unions, which addressed the following issues: about the work of the Trade Center for the first half of the year, about the plan of events dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, about the article of the chairman of the FPRK “Social and Labor Reforms – The Dictate of Time,” about the beginning of the subscription campaign for the trade union newspaper and the awarding of trade unionists, for the support of the affected residents of Arys.

The chairman of the Trade Union Center, Kasymzhanov T.Z., gave an opening speech on the work. Further, with general information on the ongoing work to improve working conditions, reduce industrial injuries, reduce labor law violations in terms of pay, identify and monitor problem enterprises, facts Opposition from employers to the creation of professional organizations in labor collectives was made by the deputy chairman of the TUTU Kudabayev M.B.

During the discussion of the issue, Umarbekov N.K. – deputy chairman of the trade union committee of Kazcink LLP, Krayeva L.A. – chairman of the trade union of forestry and animal workers, Bikhozhayeva S.S. – deputy chairman of the workers’ union SENIM Health Systems, Podrezova V.A. – Chairman of the Trade Union of Energy Workers of the East Kazakhstan region, who spoke about the multifaceted work in their industries, focusing on the issues of safe labor and wage increases Board.

In addition, the members of the Council discussed and approved the Plan of Events dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, took note of the information from the article of the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan “Social and Labor Reforms – The Direction of the Time” about the planned vectors of activity aimed at modernizing society, building values and creating new opportunities and prospects for present and future generations.

The heads of trade unions were informed about the beginning of the subscription campaign, and a decision was made to organize work among the primary trade union organizations to actively participate in the subscription campaign for the newspaper “Kazakhstan kasipodagy” for 2020.

At the end of the Coordinating Council, Chairman Temirbek Kasimzhanov presented thank-you letters to trade union leaders from the chairman of the TUTU of The Turkestan region for supporting and assisting the affected residents of the city of Arys and held the opening of the Board leaders of the East Kazakhstan Regional Union of Trade Unions, who held the post from 1948 to the present.