Аs part of the implementation of the Safe Work Program, a meeting was held with Astana Energy-HEC-2 employees on the topic: “Safe work: Building a culture of work.” Chairman of the Trade Union Center of the capital Tastanbek Yesentayev, state labor inspector Nurlybek Alshimbayev, first deputy branch of “Birlik” of the Nur-Otan party Shyngys Kozhakhmetov and vice-president of the Kazakhstan Sports and Health Society of trade unions Bakhytzhan Yeszhanov met with the company’s employees.

Each employee of the enterprise received useful information to ensure safe working conditions both by the employer and the public authorities, as well as from trade unions and the political party. After all, today the issues of ensuring a culture of safety and safety of work is the most important socio-economic component, requiring constant attention from the state, employers and employees.

Despite the fact that the company created all the conditions for physical education and even provided a full-time sports instructor, the parties agreed on mutual cooperation on the introduction of sports and recreational activities in the workplace, with Taking into account the proposed program of the Kazakhstan Sports and Health Trade Union Society: “A healthy nation is a competitive country!”

At the same time, methodical recommendations on health and safety issues have been issued and the concept of “Vision zero” for the introduction and provision of zero injuries in the enterprise has been presented.