Chairman of the Federation of trade unions Bakytzhan Abdiraiym laid the capsule for the construction of the main gate of Arys and handed the residents of the city vouchers for recovery in trade Union sanatoriums of Kazakhstan.

As you know, the city is divided into 17 sectors, in which all regions of the country will take part in the restoration of life.

Trade unions did not stand aside and will contribute to the restoration of the city’s infrastructure by the construction of architectural structures.

During the visit to Arys, representatives of the Federation of trade unions headed by the Chairman of the FPRK visited the family of 7-year-old Ayan Yerboluly, who died from injuries sustained in an accident during the evacuation.

The boy died on August 2 in the Department of neurosurgery of children’s hospital № 2 in Nur Sultan.

Representatives of the Federation of trade unions expressed condolences to the boy’s family.

The child’s family received financial assistance and trade Union certificates for the treatment of health resorts in Kazakhstan.

In honor of the Holy holiday Kurban AIT unions organized a lunch for residents.

The head of the FPRK congratulated Arys on the holiday of Kurban AIT, noting that this sacred Muslim holiday represents a symbol of mercy and kindness.

While Baitian BDRip stressed that the trade unions cannot remain indifferent to the tragedy and empathize with aristae.

The Federation, for its part, expresses concern for the health of the residents of the city, in connection with which they were awarded trade Union certificates for sanatorium and resort rehabilitation.

— We consider it our civic duty to help the residents of Arys, we urge all countrymen not to stand aside and provide all possible assistance to our fellow citizens, -the Chairman of the FPRK called.