A meeting of the General Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan was held in Nur-Sultan under the chairmanship of Bakhytzhan Abdirayim.

The Chairman of the FPRK delivered a report on the results of the implementation of the Roadmap for the Modernization of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan for 2018-2019, which is based on measures to promote social justice and protect workers’ rights.

«Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that the Federation of Trade Unions should become the driving force for the social adaptation of Kazakhstanis to the new conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,» noted B.Abdirayim.

In this context, the Head of the Federation focused on the most pressing issues of trade unions, including increasing the number of collective bargaining agreements, resolving labor disputes, legalizing labor relations, preserving jobs, creating safe working conditions. Measures to promote the standards of the MOT and ensure social stability in enterprises were also announced among the priorities.

The timeliness and relevance of the social reforms initiated by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, which are in tune with the core values of trade unions, were also noted.

The members of the General Council believe that the social and labour reforms in the country are the dictate of the time. They are intended to be an incentive to further modernize trade union activities and improve the protection of the Man of Labor. At the same time, the importance of strengthening social partnership is noted.

As it noted by Bakhytzhan Abdirayim, the general agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan, the FPRK and «Atameken» NPP for 2018-2020, as well as 21 industry and 16 regional trilateral agreements, today expanded the participation of trade unions in trilateral commissions, anti-crisis headquarters, public and coordinating councils.

Within the framework of trilateral commissions, member organizations have been able to consolidate the activities of trade unions in their respective industries. An important step in working with social partners was to increase the number of union membership organizations from 18 to 23 trade unions. More than 500 new primary trade union organizations have been established, covering 40,000 trade union members.

At the meeting of the General Council, another member organization, the Industrial Union of Medical Workers and related industries «QazMed», which has about 45,000 members, was accepted into the FPRK.

Assessing the results of the work, the members of the General Council noted the significant contribution of Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Saparbayev Berdibek Mashbekovich to the development of an effective system of interaction between the parties of social partnership, awarding it with the the badge of «UZDIK ALEUMETTYK ARIPTES».

The same award at the regional level was awarded to the mayor of the Atyrau region, Nogayev Nurlan Askarovic and the mayor of the Pavlodar region Bakauov Bulat Jumabekovich.

At the end of the meeting, the President of the Federation called on the members of the General Council to further promote trade union values with the solidarity efforts of all trade unions, from the FPRK to the trade unions, from the primary to each member of the trade union.