The Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan held a meeting of the Executive Committee of the FPRK, chaired by Bakhytzhan Abdirayim, whose main issue was the discussion of the key directions of the President’s Message to the people of Kazakhstan «Syndarly kogamdyk dialog-Kazakhstannyn turaktylygy men orkendeuinin negizi».

September 2, 2019.

Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Bakhytzhan Abdirayim noted in his speech that the Head of State delivered a message based on measures aimed at strengthening the stability and prosperity of the country by building constructive dialogue between the state and society.

During the meeting, the members of the Executive Committee stressed the importance of the priorities of the Head of State for the further development of Kazakhstan, among which the issues of social policy, strengthening of state institutions and protection are highlighted the rights and freedoms of citizens, the modernization of the economy, the social security of the population.

The President’s order to support civil society and involve him in the discussion of the most pressing national tasks was highlighted.

The greatest discussion among the members of the Executive Committee was caused by the social aspects of the message: the creation of new jobs, raising wages for workers of education and culture, support for vulnerable segments of the population.

Bakhytzhan Abdirayim called on trade union organizations and trade union members to rally around the designated vectors of the Message and take concrete measures to implement it.

During the meeting of the Executive Committee, a number of issues of improving the sphere of social and labor relations were discussed.

The Executive Committee decided to establish a territorial union association, the Trade Union Center of the Turkestan Region.

According to the agenda, the members of the Executive Committee discussed the creation of a working group on the project of the PFRK Doctrine, which plans to ensure the ideological consolidation of trade unions and determine the strategy of trade unions at the current stage.

The meeting also approved the composition of the working group on drafting the Agreement on Amendments to the General Agreement 2018-2020, providing for the regulation of wages that contribute to the improvement of the living standards of the Man of Labour, with setting minimum wage levels in each industry.

In addition, the Executive Committee of the FPRK considered a number of problematic issues of social and labor relations for consideration by the Republican Trilateral Commission on Social Partnership and Regulation of Social and Labor Relations.