On August 26, 2019, an extended meeting of the Coordinating Council of the TUTU Trade Union Center of Almaty was held with the participation of the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, Abdirayim B.Zh., the chairmen of the major primary trade union organizations were invited, a total of 65 people took part.

In his report following the meeting of the General Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on August 23, 2019, Bakhytzhan Zharylkasynovich highlighted the results of the implementation of the Roadmap for the Modernization of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan. He noted that thanks to the systematic work of trade union organizations at all levels to preserve the existing system of social partnership, improve and improve the effectiveness of collective-contract regulation of social and labor relations, the system of relations between government, business executives and trade unions at all levels has been stable.

He drew attention to the next, no less important issue in today’s conditions – the creation of decent working conditions, first of all on decent pay. “The Federation of Trade Unions initiated the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection issues of the need to define criteria for setting the minimum wage, as well as the development of a single system of pay for workers employed at the hard work, with harmful and dangerous working conditions.»

He pointed out to the city’s trade union organizations the need to develop mechanisms and standards to support social stability at every enterprise in Kazakhstan. In addition, the Federation of Trade Unions, by participating in the work group on further improvement of legislation, promotes the rule in labour law on the obligatory system of the management of occupational health and safety (as well as on the employer’s liability for non-compliance with the Work Council’s recommendation to improve health and safety, which is now recommended.

The active work of the FPRK on the legislative and legal field was noted. Need:

– Adoption of the new Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

  • development of the National Program “Decent Work – Decent Life” for 2020-2025;
  • ratification of the IAT conventions.

It was noted that all the activities of the Federation of Trade Unions and its membership organizations over the past period were aimed at further strengthening the trade union movement, protecting the labor and socio-economic rights and interests of trade union members, and raising the workers’ living standards and legal protections were built on constructive interaction with social partners.

Over the past period, it has been possible to maintain integrity and increase its qualitative and quantitative composition. More than 500 new primary trade union organizations have been established, covering 40,000 trade union members.


The Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan pointed out the need to bring information work to the fore in order to improve the image of trade unions and increase the level of public awareness of the activities of the FPRK.

Concluding the analysis of the work done on the implementation of the Roadmap for the Modernization of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Abdirayim B.Zh. noted that thanks to the active and focused actions of the trade unions, the tasks outlined in the Roadmap for the modernization of the FPCRK were successful performed.

The heads of branch branches of industry and local trade unions, who spoke in the debate, fully supported the speech of the chairman of the FPRK Abdirayim B.Zh., stressing that the FPRK and its affiliates had done a tremendous job during the reporting period. They noted that the Roadmap for the Modernization of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan has been implemented in all indicators, and expressed readiness to implement the decisions put by the General Council of the FPRK.

On the second issue “On the results of the implementation of the Roadmap for the Modernization of Trade Unions of the City of Almaty,” which defined the action plan of trade unions in Almaty in the period of 2018-2019, the chairman of the TUTU “Trade Union Center of Almaty” Z. Umirbayeva spoke.

Umirbayeva stressed that the city of Almaty is working closely within the framework of social partnership with Atameken and the city mayor, as well as with all state structures.

All meetings of the city tripartite commission to discuss pressing urban problems, including employment, collective bargaining agreements, targeted social assistance, etc. are held at the “Trade Union Center of Almaty” base.

A good example of social partnership is the work with fleets, which have established primary trade union organizations, which are part of the branch of the Industry Trade Union YNTYMAQ, for which social and domestic conditions have been created, including public catering and public toilets at the final bus stations. The salary has been raised to 200,000 tenge. All this is done with the participation of trade unions.

At the proper level is working with branches of industry and local trade unions, which are part of the Coordinating Council of the city of Almaty. Together, all issues related to major events, training seminars, roundtables, legal and legal support of trade union members are resolved. The members of the Coordinating Council run district missions, which expands their powers and provides new opportunities for expanding the number of member organizations.

At the same time, the Trade Center does not close only on its region. For example, on the basis of the TUTU repeatedly held bush meetings of the Southern region with the participation of regional top and heads of industry trade unions. In addition, there was a mutual exchange of experience with Pavlodar TUTU.

There is still much work to be done on social partnership, namely, collective bargaining agreements, the creation of new trade union organizations, and the protection of the social and labor rights of the Human Labour. “Behind us are people with real problems. To show concern for them and to protect their interests is our main task!” – said Z.Umirbayeva.

On the third issue, “On the preparation for the Day of Trade Unions,” Umirbayeva noted that “this year for the first time the celebration of Trade Unions Day is held at the official level. With the active participation of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, the Government of Kazakhstan decree “to recognize the important role of trade unions and their associations and give new impetus to the development of Kazakhstan’s trade union movement” established the Day of Trade Unions – October 10.»

The trade unions of the city of Almaty are in full swing preparing for this day. The concept of holding a solemn event dedicated to Kazakhstan’s Trade Union Day under the motto “Together we are a force, together we are a union! Stability, protection – our union!”

As part of the celebration, the results of the “Best Primary Trade Union Organization of Almaty” competition, which is held in order to improve the level of work of primary trade organizations, motivate trade union membership, strengthen trade union union ranks and their authority.

Decisions were taken unanimously on all issues on the agenda.