The Federation of Trade Unions held fruitful negotiations with employers of the Aktobe region, as a result of which it was possible to improve working conditions and increase wages for more than 2,000 oil and gas workers.

On September 9, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Satybaldy Dauletalin held a series of meetings with employers in the western region of Kazakhstan.

He met with the work team of «ККБК» Great Wall LLP, which is a specialized drilling enterprise.

Great Wall «ККБК» LLP is a joint venture founded by the Great Wall Drilling Company (CNPC, PRC), which is one of the leading specialized drilling enterprises with highly qualified personnel, competitive technologies and advanced equipment and provides comprehensive services customers in the field of drilling, fastening and workover. The company employs over 900 people who are members of the local union of the enterprise.

The meeting was dedicated to discussing the draft of a new collective agreement in connection with the expiration of the previous collective agreement.

At the meeting, S. Dauletalin paid special attention to the issues of attracting foreign labor, which often leads to imbalances in wages. He noted that a company attracting foreign labor is obliged to train the future staff of these enterprises, that is, it must train Kazakhstani specialists, improve their skills in order to subsequently raise their salary level.

Also at the meeting, attention was paid to the issues of timely payment of wages, ensuring wage increases for low-paid workers, preventing a massive reduction in workers, as well as eliminating cases of industrial injuries.

As the General Director of the company Zhang Jun assured, the proposals made to improve the situation of workers will be included in the new collective agreement, including bonus payments to employees on national holidays and bonuses for achieving certain results for the year.

In order to maintain a stable social climate and prevent labor disputes, which were previously observed at M-Tech service LLP, the trade union delegation visited the head office of the company. This company is one of the oilfield services companies in the region that carry out drilling, well repair, including complex emergency operations, pumping wells, developing deposits and logging, and geophysical and hydrodynamic exploration. In the Aktobe region in LLP “M-

Tech service” employs more than 400 people, where the average salary is 170 thousand tenge.

The main topic of the meeting with the Director General of the head enterprise of M-Tech service LLP Wang Xiaoyun was the adoption of specific decisions to resolve the situation at the enterprise in the Mangistau region and prevent further escalation of the labor conflict within the Company.

Dauletalin indicated to the management of the Company about the inadmissibility of a three-month ignoring of the employee’s appeal to consider the draft collective agreement, and, accordingly, responsibility for evading participation in negotiations on this issue, for which they face a large fine, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Deputy Chairman of the FPRK noted the importance of the early conclusion of a collective agreement, as one of the main tools contributing to the development of relations between employees and the employer at the level of social partnership.

As a result of negotiations, the management of the Company undertook as soon as possible to begin negotiations with the trade union of the enterprise on the conclusion of a collective agreement at the enterprise in Mangystau region. Also, the employer undertook to issue a corresponding order on bonus payments to the employees for the 120th anniversary of Kazakhstani oil, including in the collective agreement the Regulation on bonus payments on national holidays and a number of conditions aimed at improving the situation of workers.

Recall, on September 5 of this year, at the «Бозашы» and «Жетибай» oil fields, a protest rally of workers of the MF Tech service LLP was held. Workers of all workshops, including workers – drillers, did not go to work. According to the participants, they were forced to resort to such actions, after repeated attempts by the trade union of workers of the MF Tech-Service LLP to resolve the situation at the enterprise, after presenting the requirements of the workers.

In the Mangystau branch of M-Tech service LLP, a local union of the public association ОО «Жұмысшылардын «Aspan» жергілікті кәсіподағы», which is part of the YNTYMAQ Branch Trade Union and is a member of the trade union organization, was created.

As part of the social partnership, negotiations were held with the participation of representatives of workers and the employer, where it was decided to increase the tariff hourly rate by 400 tenge (+ 50%) to all employees from September 2019 and to preserve jobs, salaries, bonuses to all